After the presentation of three exciting board games from the areas of strategy, tabletop and worker placement, recommendations for the latest Kickstarter board games will follow again this month. Once you have identified a project that is of interest to you, you should think twice about whether you want to support the game designers' idea, especially for board games whose funding is on the verge of being. We're kicking off with the best board games from the crowdfunding area: The Kickstarter Report for June 2016.

Massive darkness

Kickstarter Report: June 2016
Kickstarter Report: June 2016

Let's start with a really massive board game heavyweight that aims to capture the good old days of dungeon classics like HeroQuest or Mystic Quest: Massive darkness. This innovative dungeon crawler comes from the makers Cool Mini or Not, which fans all over the world already like with top board games Zombicide, Arcadia Quest* or Xenoshyft* loved it. This concentrated experience from the field of cooperative board games is now flowing into the project Massive darkness one that has already raised over $ 1.2 million in funding on Kickstarter - with 25 days left. Over 10.000 supporters can hardly be wrong: this title is sure to be one of the best dungeon crawlers in recent years. The special thing about Massive darkness is the fully cooperative gameplay that gets by without a so-called dungeon master, i.e. a player who takes on the role of the villain. That sounds like a step backwards at first, since the classic dungeon crawlers in particular were able to score points with this player role, but the elimination of the master role also means that a player can act more cooperatively. And for games that are about monster knocking, the following rule of thumb applies: the bigger the party, the greater the fun. 1 to 6 players slip into the roles of six different heroes who are held in different class designs. Fans of fantasy board games or role-playing games will immediately feel at home when characters like Bjorn the barbarian, Sibyl the elven ranger or Owen the paladin throw themselves into battle with weapons and magic. Read that right, Massive darkness can also be played as a solo board game, so Cool Mini or Not follows the ongoing trend of strategic fantasy board games to entertain solo players like a king.


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That Massive darkness will be a highlight, I have no doubts about that when I look at the predecessors from CMON. The concept images on Kickstarter also make you want more. The figures look great and are designed in detail, the character boards make a long-lasting and high-quality impression and the monster creatures are based on excellent concept arts. As always, a plus point with such dungeon crawlers: all figures can be painted by yourself, so that tabletop fans should also be interested. The real hit, however, is the ingenious character system that corresponds to the attention to detail of a computer role-playing game. From the six basic classes, the players develop innovative sub-classes in the course of the game. And if you thought you already knew all of this, you're wrong, because the majority of the specializations are innovative and never seen before. Where a battle mage still seems quite classic and should look familiar to many role-players, a shadow barbarian is a completely different caliber. Those who prefer to throw themselves into dirty hand-to-hand combat will surely love de Pit Fighter Berserker. Quest for quest you unlock new skills and improve your character from a good fighter to an indestructible fighting machine, which is probably also necessary with the promised hordes of opponents. The fact that a lot of loot and experience are distributed as rewards does not have to be mentioned separately, but is part of the genre standard.    

The video that the creators of Massive darkness have recorded. Practical for us EU citizens: the release of Massive darkness is EU-friendly, which means that the game will be sent to EU countries from the start. Baking on Kickstarter pays off with this tabletop board game. Anyone more about Massive darkness would like to find out, for example, what funding rewards there are, you can find more details about the board game at Project page from Kickstarter. 

Captains of the Golden Age

Kickstarter Report: June 2016
Kickstarter Report: June 2016

Set sail and set course for the nearest commercial port. That should probably be the central thematic element of the board game Captains of the Golden Age go through. The inventors Golden Age Games from Amsterdam promise with this board game from the upper category Construction & Economy a title that not only minimizes the happiness factor, but completely eliminates it. Sounds great for all fans of realistic business simulations who can now indulge in their hobby in the board game area. So that trading in ports and sailing across the oceans is not that easy, pirates come into play, of course, who are anything but friendly to the captains of the merchant frigates. That's a good thing, because it not only brings excitement to the business board game, but also ensures historically correct relationships. 2 to 4 players aged around 8 and up will be busy trading and sailing for up to 3 hours. One of the highlights of Captains of the Golden Age is the round game board that is home to the sea and several islands. The players themselves become active through cards, tokens and the player board; the latter embodies your merchant ship. The pirates can be hired by the players themselves to block certain islands, which gives the board game an exciting strategic element. Overly inattentive captains are simply hijacked when loading or unloading their ships. The game material consists of nicely painted cards, coins, the player boards and wooden tokens. Around 300 supporters are currently enthusiastic about the idea of ​​the board game from the economic strategy genre. This has brought the creators around 18.000 euros so far, which is close to the financing target of 20.000 euros. So a few notes are still missing if you want to get active yourself. 15 days remain in this Kickstarter campaign and I am sure that the missing 2.000 euros will easily come together. The game idea has a hand, foot and wooden leg. If required, you can find information on the Project page of the strategy board game.

Hope - The Board game

Kickstarter Report: June 2016
Kickstarter Report: June 2016

The last title of our current Kickstarter report for June 2016 is the board game HOPE - The Board Game by Morning Players. This board game has already been financed for the remaining 28 days and brought the team of authors around 28.500 euros from just under 470 backers. The meta-cooperative board game from the New York inventors is all about saving the world. HOPE is a Human Organization to Preserve Existance and its main task consists of nothing less than saving humanity. It goes without saying that the events will take place far in the future, namely in the year 5341. Even space pioneers like Captain Kirk were dead by then and the technology of the Enterprise is long out of date. With such an innovative one Space board game even the game board is an innovation in itself. By using hexagonal game boards, the game board should score with a three-dimensional three-dimensional illusion. So that terraforming and research don't get boring, becomes HOPE - The Board Game enhanced by telltale game elements. So one of your fellow players could have other plans that mess up your cooperative gameplay. Winter of the Dead or Battlestar Galactica say hello. For all readers who have been surprised so far: hence the name “meta-cooperative”. The figures (pioneers), cards, spaceships and cockpit boards look great and contribute enormously to the atmosphere of this SciFi board game. Your characters earn awards in the course of the game, with which you can develop and improve your space heroes. HOPE - The Board Game becomes a great all-rounder that combines many game elements and a great look into a mega board game. You can find more information here on the Project page to the space board game.