Niantic and the Pokémon Company pioneered it a few years ago with Pokémon Go: Augmented Reality games have the potential to bring movement, exploration and socially interactive play together and make them suitable for the masses. What if you combine these elements with social and ecological added value, when concepts such as environmental protection and sustainability are almost omnipresent in our time? Then a project like CleanUp Heroes arise that is currently at Kickstarter is advertised. The brainchild of a young team from Gütersloh tries to combine those green ideas with a competitive gamification approach: Make sure that the city is waste-free, collect points and climb the municipal highscore list.

The app aims to create awareness: the increasing urban pollution not only creates an unsightly cityscape, it also has a direct impact on the local flora and fauna. Urban waste does not return to the raw material cycle and therefore cannot be recycled. Eliminating this problem leads to significant additional costs for the public sector. This is where CleanUp Heroes comes in.

The app aims to create awareness for environmental protection and sustainability

The project is currently in a conceptual phase: the internal team structure has been defined and a basic point system has been implemented for the highscore list. While the proof-of-concept is basically in place, the design concept of the app with UI and consistent appearance is almost complete. The current prototype build will reach beta status in the near future.

In the future, both a single player mode and a friends and group system should be included, in which you can compete against your own friends or in groups against others. The CleanUp Heroes team also wants to establish long-term partnerships with local companies. Vouchers or services from local companies can be used against an in-game currency.

The simple concept behind the CleanUp Heroes app Image: CleanUp Heroes

The simple concept behind the CleanUp Heroes app Image: CleanUp Heroes

The Kickstarter crowdfunding target is 4000 EUR, currently the campaign is 557 EUR from 14 supporters.

CleanUp Heroes

CleanUp Heroes: The team behind the app Image: CleanUp Heroes

From a contribution of 5 EUR there is access to the Early Access version of the app, for 20 EUR an individual in-game avatar based on the photo of the supporter is included. For 50 EUR there is also a Heroes Ribbon, a patch in the form of an emblem and for 100 EUR there is a meet & greet with the development team.

The campaign is still running for 19 days. It therefore remains questionable whether the goal will be achieved - but the basic premise of the app is definitely worth supporting.


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