After just missing the Kickstarter goal last year, Magical Friends is trying again this year. In this post I will introduce you to the game.
UPDATE: The game has received enough supporters and is being produced.

In this board game, you're trying to become the most popular wizard or witch of all time...or at least outperform your peers.
You summon powerful, sometimes ghastly, but mostly awesome fake friends to show off at the next tavern party.
It also doesn't hurt to bring a few trophies with you. (description of the game)

A difference from the old campaign is that the game can now be played with up to five people and includes 50 instead of 40 unique creatures. The playing time has been shortened by one round and the 2-person version has been completely revised. Two of you play with a “dummy wizard” which you can influence with your artifacts. But be careful: he never hurts his own friends and can even win the game - so don't underestimate him.

is the author or game designer of the game Clement Luger and Hannah Flattinger as well as Tran Khiet Van Ho are responsible for the illustrations & graphic design. Click here to go directly to the Kickstarter campaign, which will run until the end of September.


Game photo by Magical Friends, photo: Klemens Luger


The Magical Friends are you playing one of five powerful sorcerers or sorceresses and try that Midsummer competition win by bringing the most friends to the tavern.
The longer the game lasts, the more difficult it becomes, because little by little the game board fills up with creatures and one or the other danger lurks for you. You can even attack your fellow players and they Heart (don't worry, just their gingerbread hearts that they wear as jewelry), collect as a trophy.
Each lost friend gives you a small speed bonus for your remaining friends, so the grief over the loss is likely to be very brief.

Here you will find an overview of the numerous creatures. The game is played over 7 rounds and the playing time is 1-2 hours. In the course of the game you choose different summoning cards and place the appropriate standee on the game board. Speaking of displays, here the box offers a very cool feature, because all figures are in a box with the base up and are numbered on the back. So you can find the respective display very quickly and at the same time they are well secured for transport. Each creature has its own abilities, which is particularly noticeable when interacting with other characters.

This is how the displays are stored in the later box, photo: Klemens Luger.

The flow of the game is as follows: You use artifacts to influence the turn order. Then you summon a friend and try to get him or her to the tavern using unique abilities. The summoning cards used for this tell you which friend you can summon, but also how many basic movements you have for the round. basic movements are only valid for the respective turn of the summoning.
Additionally, some artifact cards also have bonus moves for you. However, these can also only be used in the round in which the card was played and only one can be used per friend bonus movement be carried out.

Magical Friends offers simple rules, which nevertheless make the game quite interesting, especially later on. The more creatures are on the board, the more difficult it will be for you to find an ideal path. Do you perhaps have to negotiate or do you look for a confrontation with another friend?

A total of 50 different friends are available to you, so every game and every round is different. Because depending on the combination of skills, they bring you different advantages and strategy options. You always have to adapt your strategy to the current situation and cannot simply rely on a successful strategy.

Here you can use the instructions to get an idea of ​​the rules for yourself. You can also see pictures of the game material and the respective creatures.


  • 70 stands and mounts (yes 70, although there are only 50 unique creatures as some creatures have multiple stands; the slime splits when attacked and the lich summons new skeletons that always come in pairs)
  • 55 hearts (in 5 colors)
  • 55 artifacts (in 5 colors)
  • 5 double-sided game board elements
  • 50 Summon Cards
  • 10 each of Mimimi Power and Fairy Dust
  • 2 dice
  • 5 info cards
  • and 1 each sticker sheet, summoning display, turn counter, starting player marker, game board, instructions, creature overview

Here is the link to the Kickstarter campaign, which runs until the end of September.

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