Not surprisingly, the crowdfunding campaign for the miniature board game Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape got off to a successful start. On Kickstarter, the successor to Massive Darkness by CMON has already exceeded the limit of over one million euros. Over 10.000 supporters have already wagered amounts of 85 or 123 euros in order to be able to hold the board game in their hands, expected in September 2021.

After about a day of crowdfunding, Massive Darkness 2 was able to motivate more than half as many supporters to pledge as its predecessor in 2017. CMON collected around 2016 million US dollars with Massive Darkness in 3,5. The new campaign for the successor board game with the title addition “Hellscape” has been running since August 4th.

Massive Darkness 2 tries its hand at the record

Massive Darkness 250.000: Hellscape has long since reached its financing target of around 2 euros. Now CMON can go on the hunt for records with peace of mind. Currently the most successful Kickstarter board game is Frosthavenwhich grossed around $ 13 million in total. At least theoretically, Massive Darkness 2 could exceed the target according to an extrapolation on the Kicktraq platform. 13,9 million US dollars is possible, provided that the supporters can keep the current “pledge level”. However, it cannot be assumed that this is the case.

They are the famous 48 to 72 hours on Kickstarterwho decide the success or failure of a project. If publishers and authors want to set records, they have to keep beating the drum in order to reach interested parties and motivate them to support at an almost constant level. Marketing can do CMON, but it will probably not be enough.

Miniatures Darkness 2 also relies on a material battle including many miniatures. Image rights: CMON

Miniatures Darkness 2 also relies on a material battle including many miniatures. Image rights: CMON

If you look at the numbers from Frosthaven, a new record is unattainable: While Frosthaven was able to achieve an average amount of 156 US dollars, this is 2 US dollars for Massive Darkness 121. To set the record, CMON would have to acquire around 107.000 backers. At Frosthaven there were around 83.000. Compared to the numbers of the Massive Darkness debut in 2016, the backers would have to increase fivefold. The record hunt remains a paper tiger.

... the miniature board game is still successful

CMON's next dungeon crawler is still an enormously successful Kickstarter campaign, probably also because the content is convincing to fans. The board game, based on the classic role-playing game, takes players back into the depths of hell - and beyond. Six heroes are available to fans for their adventure, divided into different classes, which can be expected from berserkers to magicians and are thus based on fantasy standards.

CMON has rolled out a new trailer for the launch:


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Otherwise there is everything in Massive Darkness 2: Hellspace that fans expect from such titles: detailed miniatures, tokens and boards and of course the possibility to purchase an additional campaign mode with “Heavenfall”. The costs are then 123 euros, the maximum pledge of this Kickstarter project. This includes an additional upgrade pack with 175 cards. The stretch goals currently range up to an amount of 1,3 million US dollars, including additional miniatures.

Not only the theme is classic in Massive Darkness 2, the game mechanics also rely on the proven concept. You look in vain for real innovations, but that shouldn't be a goal for CMON either.

Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape is to be shipped in September 2021. The game is available in English and French. A demo can be played via the tabletop simulator. Here it goes to Kickstarter campaign.

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