Isle of Trains is an engine building card game that was released back in 2014. The game has now been expanded and revised and receives some new elements. A corresponding crowdfunding campaign is already running and is quite successful - worth knowing for fans in this country: the German version of the game will be released via Board Game Circus.

The board game with the pretty meeples almost belongs in the budget category: for only 23 euros you can join the Isle of Trains - All Aboard crowdfunding campaign, but then there is the "Passenger Pledge", which is the retail version of the board game included.

Build train tracks, transport goods

There is also a deluxe pledge for around 29 euros. That appears in a German-language localized version via Board Game Circus, as can be seen from the campaign. If you don't know the publisher yet, you'll find it here a post with more games coming soon.

As a player, you slip into the role of a jack of all trades among the train operators: You build routes, take care of the trains and transport goods and passengers to different destinations. It's all powered by a deck of cards mechanism. Ultimately, Isle of Trains - All Aboard is a typical engine building board game where you create combos that build on each other as much as possible to optimize your game.

Luck is part of it: The passengers are drawn blind, i.e. randomly. At the end, the player with the most points wins. The overall simple idea of ​​uncomplicated fun with a train theme is well received by the fans: Dranda Games has already been able to generate almost 60.000 euros as part of the crowdfunding campaign, but only around 8.000 euros were budgeted for the success of the project. The “swarm” thus exceeded the target by more than 700 percent.

The game is aimed at up to four players, but can also be played alone. The publisher gives the playing time as around 45 minutes per game. Here you will find the Kickstarter. The German version will appear at Board Game Circus.

That is new:

  • Added passengers that you can use to create combos
  • meeples
  • Revised graphics
  • Fixed issues: The deck is now bigger, making the game less easy to end.
  • New solo mode
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