Los Angeles-based author Henry Barajas has been creating comics for years. He became known for a graphic work about his great-grandfather entitled "La Voz De MAYO - Tata Rambo". The team around Barajas and artist Rahmat M. Handoko can currently be found on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with their comic and role-playing game "Helm Greycastle". A work that Barajas not only dedicates to his favorite author JRR Tolkien, but also to the "Dungeons & Dragons" genre. Particularly noteworthy: Helm Greycastle is not just a fantasy world full of mythical creatures, this is where classic “Sword & Sorcery” meets diversity.

Comics and role-playing games have long since shed their nerdy image! The imaginative stories are enjoying increasing popularity. However, it is rare for an author to venture into various topics in the world of the Sword & Sorcery subgenre. The situation is different with the comic author Henry Barajas and his work Helm Greycastle: Here are Mayans and Aztec heroes who have to face courageous sword fighting adventures against the Spanish invasion of Mexico. With this, the author Barajas and the artist Handoko want to set an example. So far, people of Latin American origin have not been part of heroic fantasy stories.

Latin American Sword & Sorcery comic

The first edition of the comics and role-playing game about Helm Greycastle comprises 32 pages and a one-shot role-playing game that can be played with the fifth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons player's manual. Previous experience in role-playing games is not necessary for the RPG.

Helm Greycastle Comic and RPG should fulfill the desire for diversity. Image: Author Henry Barajas

Helm Greycastle Comic and RPG should fulfill the desire for diversity. Image: Author Henry Barajas

The story of the comic is about the kidnapping of the last dragon prince by a previously unknown threat: the Aztec Mexica. Helm Greycastle and a troop full of outsider adventurers should go on a tour of discovery. In a country that once fell victim to slavery by Spanish conquistadors, but escaped their fate through the magic of the Aztecs. These experiences then prompted the ruler Montezuma III to appoint himself dictator of Mexico and thus bring about a power shift and class society.

The last dragon prince has been abducted and is kept prisoner by an unknown threat: AZTEC MEXICA. Helm Greycastle and his band of outsider adventures are tasked with exploring the uncharted land that was once at the brink of enslavement by the savage Spanish Conquistadors ... but the Aztecs used sorcery to thwart the Conquistador's murderous rampage. The possible enslavement caused the ruler, Montezuma III, to declare himself the dictator of MEXICA causing a power shift and class division. Greycastle and his comrades are recruited by an underground group lead to overthrow Montezuma III and the Gods that suppress the land. Will Greycastle join the resistance or save the dragon prince and flee?

Author Henry Barajas on Kickstarter

Helm Greycastle and his companions are recruited by an underground organization in the comic of the same name. They are supposed to bring about the overthrow of Montezuma III and the gods who oppress the land.

Will Greycastle join the Resistance or save the Dragon Prince and flee?

The project's stretch goals at Kickstarter include:

  • Helm Greycastles postcards from $ 10.500
  • Digital map for the RPG from $ 10.800
  • The cover of a secret artist's book starts at $ 11.000
  • Another RPG made by Geoffrey Golden, starting at $ 12.500


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