Isle of Cats received its first major expansion this year with Kittens and Beasts. Now a new standalone title from the world of Isle of Cats is coming to Kickstarter. Here, too, platelets are used.

In island of cats you play against the other players and try to save most of the cats from the island and bring them to safety. The goal of saving the cats is also in the novelty Race to the raft present. Here you face this task as a team and have to puzzle the way to the rescue raft from different tiles.

Build paths for the cats

A total of 81 different scenarios are included in the novelty. The goal is always the same: lead the furballs caught on the burning island to the raft. At first glance, the basic rules seem a bit clearer than those of island of cats New rules and game mechanics are constantly being added to the various scenarios.

The structure of the island is determined by the respective scenario. The fire that threatens to engulf the cats' habitat is always present. The cats are available in five colors as usual. Despite the fire, they are very picky and only move on paths in their color. 

In order to build these paths from the starting point of the cats to the raft, the players play cards. At the beginning of each round, everyone draws three cards from the four decks. The backs of the cards in a deck show how the different terrains in that deck are distributed. 

You only know your own cards and are not allowed to share any information about the exact structure of the cards with the others. Everyone agrees on who will play a card first. Playing allows one of two actions to be taken. 

A path emerges step by step

The played card can either be placed on the island or placed on the discard pile. Cards may be placed anywhere as long as they do not cover cats, fire, or the raft. They just have to fit into the grid and can also be placed on cards that have already been played. In this way, step by step, the path for the cats to the raft is created.

The cats use the path if the card played is not placed on the island but on the discard pile . They can then be moved as many squares as desired along the path of their color. 

After placing a card on the island or when the fourth card is placed on the discard pile, a fire tile is drawn and must be placed adjacent to an existing fire.

The players lose immediately if a cat is no longer able to access the raft due to the fire. You win when all the cats are on the raft.

The novelty started crowdfunding on Kickstarter today. The project can be supported for 23 days. Prices range from £50 for the Basic Kickstarter Edition to £58 for the Isle of Cats Fan Pack, which includes the Race to the raft Kickstarter Edition and miniatures for the game and for island of cats. In between there is the Deluxe Edition at 70 pounds, which only contains the miniatures for Race to the raft contains.

The novelty can be played with 1-4 people aged 8 and over. The playing time is 40-60 minutes.

For a more detailed overview of the rules, there is also an explanatory video by author Frank West.


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