A board game that takes players to the front lines in battles in World War II and presents them with strategic challenges? This time, Phalanx wanted to implement this idea as an expert studio for historical board games. The board game should be financed by crowdfunding through Kickstarter. Fans were impressed: the funding target has already been achieved.

Phalanx calls out war again. Instead of underwater battles à la submarine, this time it continues above the ground - this time even across the globe. The strategic board game Domination from the pen of the Taiwanese author Wei Cheng Cheng is an imitation game from the Second World War.

Wei Cheng Cheng is best known in China and Japan for his historically based war games, where he is even called the “war game poet”. He has already brought twenty games of this kind onto the market and with "Mini WWII”He visited SPIEL Essen in 2018. Domination is now the bigger sequel to the game from back then.

Domination: Conquer the world in a short time

Domination is about annexing the world. Either as the Allies or the Axis Powers, you fight the opposing troops. Like total war, this war will be decided on land, in the water and in the air. Strategic planning proves to be an advantage, because drafting tactical cards can also harm your fellow players.

Basically, the game uses two mechanisms; Card drafting and area control. The fight for supremacy lasts for 90 minutes. But in addition to moving and fighting, you can also expand your tech tree and make use of technological advances. Or you forge alliances with neutral war powers. The cards show you 3 different actions with pictograms.

In the box from Domination, approaching generals can find everything they need to wage war. Image rights: Phalanx

In the Domination game box, prospective commanders will find everything they need for warfare. Image rights: Phalanx

The game surprises with the simplicity of its rules, actions are played in turn with the help of cards and when everyone has completed their turns, scoring takes place. The rounds simulate the war years of 1939-45, so seven rounds are played. Each round is divided into three phases: strategy, action and scoring.

Domination is a team-versus-team game and is best played with four players. You can also play the game with three or two people, there is no solo variant. Luck does not play a role here either, the game is tactical through and through. 

The game will be at Phalanx appear and also be available in German. Currently you can also play the game on Steam Try playing using the Kickstarter link.

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