There are two golden rules in the global network: “No internet without cats” is one. “No internet with out dogs” the other. And what applies to the Internet must also apply to games, one should assume. The Shadow Games plan: combine both, pack them into a deck of cards and successfully finance them with Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign for Tails of Conflict is currently running - not necessarily with starting difficulties, but the animals still struggle in the second Kickstarter attempt.

“Kittens vs. Puppies: The Card Game” became “Tails of Conflict”, which not only sounds better, but also starts off better than the original campaign, which Shadow Games canceled in mid-February. We learned from the campaign at the time, according to the makers of the card game, who promised back then to launch a re-launch on Kickstarter. With the support of the community, a new name for the game was found by voting, and the new campaign is now running.

Tails of Conflict The dog on the gaming table is going crazy

The title of the card game sounds pretty “smooth” after the renaming, less childlike, in line with a strategic game. The idea: players slip into the roles of heroic dogs or cats in order to then compete against each other. Different classes based on a typical fantasy setting are available. In addition, there is equipment, the handling of which is measured by the number of paws and not the hands - a funny trick that is based on the basic theme of the card game.

With a total of 160 cards, including 24 champion cards, dice and tokens, two to four players go into battles, which according to Shadow Games last between 20 and 40 minutes. The playing time already shows: it doesn't get too complicated in the “Kitties vs. Puppies” fight. Simple rules, quick fun - that's the idea behind Shadow Games. Everything is embedded in an animal setting, which is often good for a hype on Kickstarter.

Tails on Conflict is a card game with dice combat. Image rights: Shadow Games Ltd

Tails on Conflict is a card game with dice combat. Image rights: Shadow Games Ltd

The battle system of the card game is powered by dice. Players start with a die, but can earn more through upgrades. The throws can be modified with the skill. The aim is to capture the opposing three heroes by placing five hit tokens on them. Each class should be able to be played differently and strategically individually. Available are thieves, barbarians, assassins and knights - all of them hand-to-hand fighters.

Additional classes can be unlocked through “Backer Goals”. There are also stretch goals that relate to the map layout and the quality of the material. Shadow Games calls for around 33 euros as a basic pledge for a physical copy of the card game. You want to generate a total of a little over 11.000 euros at the end of the campaign, which is scheduled for September 27th. The creators have already received almost a quarter of the required amount, but the game still needs a little boost - despite the combined cat and dog theme.

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