The world is once again before the abyss - this time it's Thalara. The card game of the same name is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. The publisher Wredespiele has set a campaign target of around 5.100 euros, and more than a handful of supporters have already invested. The campaign runs until September 16. 

It's about magic, arcane energy, and powerful artifacts. There is a lot in the card game Thalara. What is not there, however, is luck, because the author Alexander Wrede deliberately avoided it. Instead, the focus is on good hand card management.

Thalara: All cards on the table!

The author promises that the asymmetrical card game should be highly interactive. It's about putting together your deck hand - and literally playing with open cards. All the magic spells are on the table, there is no luck factor in drawing them. Another highlight: cards are tied to the hand in rounds, you don't just get rid of them, but you have to play them in the next round.

The rules are clearly explained, you can get started quickly. Another advantage is the clear equipment: Alexander Wrede does not work with useless card ballast at Thalara. Efficiency "made in Germany" is the order of the day with this work, which plays so differently than comparable fantasy card games with deck building mechanisms. Because there are different characters, each with different playstyles, balancing is particularly important and something the author has emphasized.

Thalara gameplay: all spells are open on the table. Image rights: Wredespiele

Thalara gameplay: all spells are open on the table. Image rights: Wredespiele

Thalara is played with up to four players, corresponding pledges are available as part of the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The "Clash Pack" for two players costs twelve euros, backers who want to tackle the card game with a full cast have to pay 20 euros.

This project marks Alexander Wrede's debut on the popular crowdfunding platform known for making dreams come true or shattered. The makers did not start the financing phase unprepared, on the contrary: Wrede and Co sought advice, gathered a small community around them and are now reaping the rewards. Of course, the typical “stretch goals” also apply to the campaign designed for an international audience. Thalara is doing well at the moment: around 5.100 percent of the targeted around 50 euros have already been raised, from more than 130 supporters (as of August 18). Time remains until September 16to secure the remaining funding. - Germany's largest range of board games