Kickstarter continues to surprise with campaigns that shoot through the roof. This is also the case with the new expansion for Fire Tower: Rising Flames, a game in which the aim is to protect your own tower from a forest fire. Within six minutes the game reached the required amount!

Now, after just four days, all but one of them are Stretch goals achieved. The designers Samuel Bryant and Gwen Ruelle are behind the Fire Tower board game and its expansion. Together they are the founders of Runaway Parade Verlag. This is based in the USA from where the two publish their games.

Expansion offers exciting player variants and action cards

The base game Fire Tower was also financed by Kickstarter in 2019 and has proven how much is behind the first idea. A very entertaining game that can be unpacked at any time with a playing time of only 15+ minutes.

The game board shows a grid of trees, the fire starts to blaze in the middle. The winner can be whoever protects his watchtower from the fire and the other players until the end. They, like you, can manipulate the wind with hand cards, create firebreaks or set up blockades.

Fight fire with fire in this award-winning, fiercely competitive board game, now with legendary firehawks!
Description of the Kickstarter campaign

The game becomes even more interesting due to its closeness to reality, all action cards are based on real methods of fighting forest fires. The Rising Flames expansion now also contributes to this. With it come more possibilities, so there are now solo variants, team games and the game for five players, as well as in the basic game everyone against everyone. But it gets really interesting when the fire-bringing hawks and extreme weather conditions come into play. Another improvement is the "shadow dice", a shadow dice with which all players whose towers have been destroyed can remain in the game.

Only bummer; The game has not yet arrived on the German market. But it's not all evening yet, because you can purchase the game yourself on the website or on Kickstarter. With the latter, you can also help to achieve the last step of the stretch goals. There is also a PDF manual in German, which is made available to you by Runaway Parade.

Kickstarter offers everyone the opportunity to turn their idea into a tangible project, always all or nothing. Because if you do not achieve your financing goal after 30 days, you have to bite the bullet. But in projects like Fire Tower and Rising Flames, you can see how much can be achieved through crowdfunding. It remains to be seen which great ideas the platform will surprise us with next time.

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