Knockdown is the simple title of the new two-person board game by Nemesis creator Adam Kwapinski. And the name says it all: It's about quick fights in the style of classic beat'em-ups that are otherwise known for computers and consoles. The board game crowdfunding campaign is currently running on Kickstarter. 

Two go in, one comes out - that's a short but apt description of the concept of Knockdown. Awaken Realms wants to implement the board game via “swarm financing” and so far it is looking good. They wanted to collect around 5.000 euros, now the counter reading is already over 45.000 euros. The campaign runs until November 1st.

Knockdown: Comic knockdown for two players

For the two-person games, players choose their fighter from three available miniatures taken from the Awaken Reals games - Verota, Driana and Xin'go - each with individual skills. Then it's off to the ring or the board game box, which serves as a playing field for the title. The fighters run towards each other in the best beat'em-up fashion, and then riot with all sorts of martial arts action.

Four possible actions are available: rest, move, draw a card or perform a combo. That characters can move makes sense. Depending on the selected skill, you have to be a certain distance from the opponent. The trick with Knockdown is to use attacks and positioning skillfully - and to anticipate moves of the opponent. It is also possible to manipulate cards with the opponent, for example through special abilities of the characters. So you can force your opponent to discard a card or hurl combo attacks at him.

It's about fast fights with an attached skill part as a mini-game. Photo: Awaken Realms

It's about fast fights with an attached skill part as a mini-game. Photo: Awaken Realms

The goal: to wound the opponent so that he has to tackle the eponymous knockdown test. A tower made of wooden cubes has to be built - within ten seconds. If this actual skill test fails, it means a knockout. Even if the attack deck was played empty, the game ends, and then whoever suffered fewer wounds wins.

The Campaign to Knockdown runs until November 1st. If the limit of 50.000 euros is reached, the game will be expanded to include a four-player mode. Backers of the base game will receive Knockdown Volume II as a goodie as part of the crowdfunding campaign, which is based on the Nemesis board game.

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