Bonfire Games used the enigmatic Voynich manuscript as an idea for its semi-cooperative board game Flora, which is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Players take on the roles of biologists to solve puzzles around previously unknown plant species. To do this, the group goes on an expedition - on which strange things then happen. 

The idea of ​​using the enigmatic Voynich manuscript for a board game is terrific. Without even having played the game, the mood already arises. The mysterious manuscript, known after Wilfrid Michael Voynich, who acquired the writing in 1912, contains - based on the board game theme - images of unknown plant species and a script that has not yet been deciphered. To this day it is unclear whether the manuscript even contains a useful statement. Bonfire Games uses the idea and therefore knits a board game concept.

Flora: As a biologist on a mystery expedition

In the board game Flora, players try to uncover the secrets of the enigmatic Voynich manuscript in their role as a team of biologists. Basically the simple goal of the game: seven species must be discovered within five days or in rounds divided into two sections. And so, four to five players, ages 13+, go on an expedition where not everything is as it first seems.

In Flora, four to five players go on an expedition. Image rights: Bonfire Games

In Flora, four to five players go on an expedition. Image rights: Bonfire Games

Flora is a semi-cooperative board game that uses a traitor mechanism. During the day all players act as a team, but at night team members can go on a search on their own. What makes it difficult to achieve the goal of the game is the fact that any species collected by a traitor will not count towards achieving the goal. Bonfire Games uses, among other things, the backpack campaign: players prepare their expedition by placing items in the form of cards in a backpack and then passing it on. This is how the traitor can sabotage missions unseen. In order to reduce the waiting times, the makers also rely on the parallel execution of player actions.

The pledge costs just under 48 euros Kickstarter campaign for the board game Flora by Bonfire Games. The makers want to collect around 21.000 euros in order to be able to realize their project. So far you have reached a little less than half of the required amount. Over 120 supporters are so far, the “crowd funding” runs until November 4th.

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