Family Secrets is a real classic when it comes to choosing a topic for a mystery or crime story. Such settings are by no means trite and boring: This is now confirmed by the French publisher Argyx Games, who has already been able to successfully finance their new narrative escape game. The campaign for "Legacy - Quest for a Family Treasure" runs until August 2nd. 

Escape games always work, it seems. After the success of "Apocalypse" in 2018, Johanna Pernot and Mathias Daval are now releasing an escape box that focuses on said family secrets. It all starts with a black box and a mysterious letter...

Immersive co-op adventure with a twist of mystery

The treasure hunt can begin, that becomes clear as soon as you open the material box. We had a demo of the episode "Hellas 2019" available for the Kickstarter preview. At first chaos reigns, a jumble of possible clues is on the table. Then, quite typical for the start of escape games, it was said: stay calm. First, do the obvious, read the letter!

From then on, the story unfolds and the narrative element of the legacy box picks up speed. The basic idea is not new and corresponds to what you know from puzzle or escape games. The focus of the novelty from Argyx Games is clearly on discovering the famous red thread instead of being guided linearly through the chain of puzzles. And so it is - and this is exactly what proves to be particularly exciting - to bring order into chaos. A first letter nests players, brings them in line for the story. Another paper gives information about the order of the tasks. From then on, connoisseurs are in their element, beginners smoke their heads.

Typical detective work: everything starts with a pile of material. Photo: André Volkmann

Typical detective work: everything starts with a pile of material. Photo: André Volkmann

Argyx Games deliberately dispenses with instructions, and the final Kickstarter will not be any different. You should have to make an effort, not only have fun with puzzles, but also with the basic exploration work, in short: play a detective.

What you get at hand is a conglomerate of different materials: letters, photos, travel flyers, but also haptically appealing components, such as two “tags” or the classic among treasure hunter materials, the ominous message in a bottle. Then the highlight: the Internet also plays a role. In the Argyx Games concept, this is one of those components that draws players deeply into the action. This is not optional, but essential. Both an internet connection and an e-mail address are required to play. It's worth it because it makes the research feel so "real".

Having successfully established connections is therefore satisfactory in two respects: on a playful level and in augmented reality a little away from the gaming table, which, however, always remains in the center of the action. It is therefore clear: the legacy tasks are also table games. There's no running around, no wild scavenger hunt - the only thing that moves is the players' brains.

"Hellas": The title of the story is no coincidence. Photo: André Volkmann

"Hellas": The title of the story is no coincidence. Photo: André Volkmann

Those who are familiar with the genre will be presented with solvable, but sometimes challenging puzzles. Beginners are also allowed to do it, but if they wish, they will not be left alone: ​​the website distributes tips if you are stuck in a combinatorial dead end. The puzzle game also works in solo mode, but without the social element that is so important for detective games.

The fun is much higher in a group, not only with Legacy: Quest for a Family Treasure, but with almost all puzzle titles. The group shouldn't be too big: The material has to be touched, examined, it takes time - it goes further in the human chain, but it is cumbersome and not particularly beneficial. Three to four players will get along well, others may degenerate into spectators. Argyx Games itself states 1 to 5 players, plus a playing time of around four hours. The latter fits pretty well.

The material mix of text, images and additional components is a success. Photo: André Volkmann

The material mix of text, images and additional components is a success. Photo: André Volkmann

The task box Legacy: Quest for a Family Treasure contains two stories, both are completely independent, but should be linked to one another.

Over 230 fans seem to be hooked on the concept that Argyx Games is bringing to them. The French publisher has long since achieved the targeted financing goal of 13.000 euros. Anyone who chooses the Kickstarter will also receive an exclusive goodie from this crowdfunding campaign - in this case another jigsaw puzzle, because the playing time should be around 30 to 45 minutes. time remains "backers" until August 2ndIn order to signal their support, monetary amounts between 49 and 104 euros. Legacy: Quest for a Family Treasure should be ready and delivered in February 2021.

If you want to find out more about the other puzzle titles from Argy Games, you will find what you are looking for on their website

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