With “AR Party”, a multiplayer title has started in swarm financing, in which Augmented Relity (AR) is not just an accessory, but a central element of the game. The creators Robin Bittlinger and Sebastian Schuchmann probably didn't choose the name of the game by chance: with their Darmstadt media agency they want to bring a work to market that is essentially reminiscent of games like Mario Party. It is therefore a turn-based video game borrowed from analog board games. The crowdfunding campaign for AR Party is already running on Kickstarter: Backers have until December 24th to support the project.

“Great projects with great technologies, well thought-out user experience and nothing is done without having fun”, that is something like the motto of the media agency Ditached, whose specialty is augmented reality, also known in this country as “augmented reality”. Ultimately, it's about enriching the real world with digital influences - and in the case of the mobile game “AR Party”, about using reality as a backdrop for a video game. The basic idea is not entirely new, games like Pokemon Go or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite also take up the technology. Ditached is knitting a title around AR that focuses on shared game moments: multiplayer experiences.

AR Party: Like Mario Party, only without Mario and without a party

The borrowings from games like Mario Party are no coincidence. The two creative minds are Nintendo fans and had exactly this idea: To transport a gaming experience similar to “Mario Party” into augmented reality. The result is a video game that is to be published for mobile devices with the iOS and Android operating systems. Free by the way. “AR Party” will not cost a penny, but will forego advertising. Why the Kickstarter campaign? First of all, in order to ensure basic funding, and from a certain pledge level onwards, backers also receive future game content free of charge, such as expansions, skins or mini-games.

In the future, “AR Party” will be expanded to include paid content, including cosmetic items (skins). This is exactly what will be available via Kickstarter in an exclusive design. So the makers want to create an incentive for backers. In the future, “AR Party” will be expanded to include mini-games, but also new maps.

Does the cube with the question mark sound familiar to you? Not without reason. Source: Detached

Does the cube with the question mark sound familiar to you? Not without reason. Source: Ditached

A map and twelve mini-games are planned for the start that players can access. A game of the game lasts between six and twelve rounds. It can be seen from this: It will be anything but hectic, the game is turn-based and is partly reminiscent of “Mario Party”, the “board game like” video game, the main series of which Nintendo sent into its eleventh round in 2018 has.

The idea of ​​Robin Bittlinger and Sebastian Schuchmann: They use “AR Party” to build a virtual playing field for players, which is also put together with objects that can be found in every household: nails, screws, buttons, blocks, stones - all this gem is created a playing field on the display of the mobile device, which is then projected into the living room at home.

The DIY character of the characters and environments carry the concept - and at the same time tell the story behind the AR game. Everything revolves around the living wallet “Wallet Guy” who builds the play arenas, in which the “sofas” romp around and collect coins, which they then spend on objects or trophies. Game actions are determined by rolling dice; At this point the board game comes full circle. In order to focus on tactical considerations, those items are available that can be used to manipulate the die rolls.

One advantage of AR at home: You can play barefoot or wear flip-flops - and nobody cares! Source: Detached

One advantage of AR at home: You can play barefoot or wear flip-flops - and nobody cares! Source: Ditached

Up to four players should be able to compete in local multiplayer mode for the release, later Ditached wants to increase the number of games to up to eight and introduce a remote mode. In the end, the winner is whoever collected the most trophies.

The two designers have set a funding target of 25.000 euros. You want to reach the sum within the Kickstarter campaign for AR Party until December 24th. In a video on the Kickstarter site, the creators explain what's behind the game and their idea.

With a pledge of 25 euros or more, fans can try out AR Party early, namely as soon as the game starts in the “early playtests”. Delivery is scheduled for July 2021, but Robin Bittlinger and Sebastian Schuchmann make it clear: They want to publish the game as soon as possible and are therefore working on the project on a daily basis.


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