Intercept Games released the latest feature video for Kerbal Space Program 2 today. In this video you can hear breathtaking sound recordings from the launch of a real Delta V rocket, which should offer the gamers ears an ingeniously realistic sound experience.

Howard Mostrom, Audio Director of Kerbal Space Program 2, was invited by United Launch Alliance and Boeing to take a behind-the-scenes look at Boeing's Starliner facility and record high-quality audio from the machines that enable us humans to travel .

Kerbal Space Program 2: Microphones at the launch pad

On the launch pad, he hurriedly rigs more than a dozen microphones around an Atlas rocket scheduled for launch the next day. As the countdown to launch approaches, Mostrom prepares to capture the most detailed audio recordings of the thrilling moment as the rockets roar skyward. These recordings are intended to offer players a particularly realistic experience during their own rocket launches.

Engineered to exceed expectations, Kerbal Space Program 2 delivers a stunningly authentic simulation experience that celebrates the science and ingenuity behind every rocket. With the audio recording of each rocket launch in Kerbal, players will be reminded of mankind's journey to the stars.

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