With First Rat, a new connoisseur game was recently released by Pegasus Games. As a family of rats, players move around the playing field, gathering resources and building a rocket to take possession of the Cheese Moon.

In First Rat, players take control of a family of rats whose goal is to build a rocket to fly to Cheese Moon. In your turn you move one or more rats across a junkyard in the direction of the rocket. Several rats may be moved whenever they all land on a field of the same color within a maximum of three fields. Each field color offers the players different advantages, so you should plan your rats' route through the junkyard carefully.

Flight to the cheese moon

They collect building materials such as baking powder or tin cans on orange and green fields. Yellow squares give you cheese, blue squares allow you to light up the junkyard to find even more resources. Tasty leftover apples are waiting on white fields, which they take with them to their rat den and give them offspring rats, points or - thanks to reading comics - special abilities.

In addition, useful items such as backpacks, energy drinks and bottle caps can be purchased or stolen, giving players more resources or additional points. At the end of the turn, the players can finally build parts of the rocket by handing in the necessary building materials or donating cheese as provisions for the flight to the cheese moon. For each achievement, the players may place a stone on one of the eight scoring tracks. At the end of the game, each stone gives a different number of points, depending on its position.

A First Rat game ends as soon as one person has housed their entire rat family, i.e. four rats, in the rocket or placed their eighth scoring marker. Whoever has the most points wins this tactical running game by Gabriele Ausiello and Virginio Gigli. The Kenner game is recommended for players aged ten and over and can be played with up to five people.

In addition, the Kenner board game contains a solo variant in which the player competes against the robo-rat Greg. Numerous strategies and optimization options, individual special abilities and a variable structure constantly challenge the rattonauts.


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