The Kaufland retail chain is launching an offensive in the games segment. After having its own island at Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which was understood more as an advertising stunt, the company from Neckarsulm is now launching its own e-sports team. The “Hangry Knights” were finally cast from 500 applicants. 

More than 500 people applied for the “Kaufland Hangry Knights” e-sports team at the end of November. Now the five players have been determined who will each receive an e-sports scholarship and compete as a team in Division 4 of the "League of Legends Prime League": Benjamin Micic aka Crowno, Jan Fragstein aka Sevenarmy, Paul Gurisch aka Paul227, Yannick Hiller aka Missclick and Simon Menne aka Flay.

Kaufland strategists rely on "League of Legends"

Kaufland was the first retailer to set up a gaming grant for the nationally and internationally successful multiplayer game "League of Legends". Together with the agency "baam company", the main sponsor developed the strategy and the concept for this project.

In any case, the retailer does not do things by halves: in the coming weeks, the players will move into their own team house in Berlin and take part in tournaments, leagues and live streams.

The team starts in Division 4 of the League of Legends Prime League. Together with the sponsors Kaufland, Nuii, Gustavo Gusto and WD_Black, the players will produce digital content related to gaming and the products of the partners. Content and live streams about the team and their sporting activities are published daily on the Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok platforms.

"League of Legends" is currently one of the most popular online games and led to the establishment of its own leagues and tournament series. These include the League of Legends European Championship, the highest European league, and the Prime League, the official league for players in German-speaking countries. The "Kaufland Hangry Knights" start in the bottom tier of the Prime League and are supposed to work their way up to the first league through sporting success.


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