Today is International Cat Day! To celebrate our furry friends, Silvernode Games has released a new trailer for upcoming point and lick adventure Nine Noir Lives - as private investigator Cuddles Nutterbutter is ready to do whatever it takes to solve the case, and he's not afraid to share his paws or... even getting his tongue dirty.

A new video introduces the fundamental gameplay mechanics of licking and shows all the things that want to be licked. A bowl of snacks? Cuddles licks it. A living computer? Cuddles licks it. Another cat disguised as a milk carton? Well, yes... But it's best to get an impression for yourself and watch the following video.

Film noir with cats

The two-man team at Silvernode Games is hard at work developing a love letter to the genre and its protagonists like Grim Fandango and Broken Sword. Nine Noir Lives draws inspiration not only from classics of the genre, but also from a wide variety of other works: from classic film noir to Shakespeare to the abstruse style of author and director Taika Waititi. Nine Noir Lives takes these influences to create a familiar yet fresh experience.

Features of Nine Noir Live:

  • Accused of animal cruelty: A charming comedy-noir tale set in the unique town of Meow Meow Furrington, inspired by cats and with fewer cat gags than you might expect.
  • A point and lick adventure: Players will discover a whole new dimension to the genre thanks to Cuddle's tongue. First licking then questions! "What did you expect this to taste like, Cuddles?”
  • More cats = more fun: Players experience the city from two different angles, alternating between Cuddles and his assistant Tabby Marshmellow
  • Meowy Voice Acting: Featuring over 100.000 fully voiced dialogues from popular voice actors such as Lucas Gilbertson (Megaman X), Carol-Anne Day (A Hat in Time) and SungWon Cho (Borderlands 3, God of War Ragnarok)

Nine Noir Lives is the new adventure game from Silvernode Games in which players will step into the paws of private detective Cuddles Nutterbutter. Through poking, talking and licking, Cuddles, with the help of his trusty assistant Tabby Marshmalleow, must face his toughest case yet: a murder that threatens the fragile peace between the meow-powerful Montameuw and Catulet crime families.

Players will find dozens of fully voiced characters, beautifully hand-painted scenes, and numerous puzzles that will answer the most important question of all: what does it take to solve this murder?

Nine Noir Lives will be released on September 07th for PC and Mac via Steam and GOG.

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