There are still fans of classic card games for which you need a classic deck of cards. So that Skat, Poker, Mau-Mau and Co. don't look too boring on the home gaming table, designers are constantly inventing new “costumes” for the cards. Aristo recently started crowdfunding for playing cards with a steampunk look - and the idea is well received. The funding target has long been achieved, and the campaign will run until October 18th. Good for steampunk fans who have plenty of time to get in.

Jack, queen, king, ace: as boring as that may sound, card game classics are also regularly on the table in the modern board game scene. To spice up the classics from back then, there are thematic decks of cards - for example on superheroes, comics, films or steampunk.

Steampunk card deck: Queen with ratchet

Even in the Victorian era, people seem to have handled cards and played the same games, only with far nicer cards. Aristo has set himself the task of making little works of art out of dreary decks of cards. It starts with the packaging. In any case, the topic of steampunk is popular. In the spring of last year, the designers had already financed their first edition of a steampunk deck of cards via crowdfunding via Kickstarter, and it was extremely successful. Around 20.000 US dollars were raised and almost 600 supporters took part.

Not only are the playing cards visually impressive, but also the pack. Image rights: Aristo

Not only are the playing cards visually impressive, but also the pack. Image rights: Aristo

The maps find visual equivalents in a fantasy world of Victorian England in the 19th century. The simple idea: Instead of a deck of cards as a mass product, Aristo relies on artistic designs of game material that hardly anyone has thought about for decades. Modern decks are no longer just functional, but visually stand out from each other. The poker deck contains 54 playing cards, including jokers - all illustrated in steampunk style. It is not particularly expensive, Aristo charges just under 11 euros for the pledge.

A new financing campaign is now running, this time for Volume 2 of the retro-futuristic basic theme. And that is also well received by the fans. Once again, the creators achieved their target in a short time: this time it only took an hour, which Aristo needed another day for the first campaign. Aristo wanted to take in almost 1.200 euros, and now the 5.000-euro mark has already been broken - and that Campaign for the steampunk card set is running on Kickstarter until October 18th. Fans don't have to wait long for the tickets after successful crowd financing: delivery is planned for December 2020.


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