The grand finale of what is now the fifth edition of the Just Dance World Cup, the best-selling music video game series of all time, is taking place in Brazil for the first time; more precisely: on March 30th in the Webedia eSports Arena in São Paulo.

The 17 Best "Just Dancers"

A total of 17 Just danceIn the last six months, players have qualified for the world finals through offline and online events taking place around the world, in order to dance the current - and at the same time two-time world champion - Umutcan Tütüncü from his throne.

The final will be broadcast on Ubisoft's official channels in multiple languages, including English and Brazilian Portuguese.

“It is an honor and a privilege for Brazil to host the first grand final of the Just Dance World Cup outside of Europe. Dance and partying are rooted in the culture of the Brazilians, who are also enthusiastic about Just Dance and the participants are welcomed with joy and excitement. It will be an unforgettable event "

Bertrand Chaverot, Managing Director of Latin America at Ubisoft

As in the last Just Dance World Cup, the Ubisoft esports team is working with Webedia via Versus Studio for the organization and logistics of the championship and the participants.

The World Cup finalists will arrive in Rio de Janeiro on March 26th to record unique content that will be broadcast later. Then they go to São Paulo to take part in the competition on March 30th. The winner of the final will have the opportunity to visit the leading Just Dance development studio in Paris, meet the game's developers and help create a choreography for a new Just Dance map.

“The Just Dance World Cup is a very special competition for us with lots of emotions, passion and talented players. We pride ourselves on connecting people from all over the world in this unique event that is the result of months of local competitions. We are also looking forward to sharing this grand finale live with all interested parties and, above all, our great and committed community. That's what makes the Just Dance World Cup so special ”.

François-Xavier Dénièle - E-Sports Director EMEA

Just Dance is an internationally successful music game and delights more than 120 million players from all over the world. 18 countries are represented in the current edition of the Just Dance World Cup: Turkey, Uzbekistan, Portugal, Benelux, Canada, Scandinavia, Poland, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Russia.

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