Ubisoft recently announced the start of the Just Dance 4 Nature Initiative, which, together with the Just Dance community, wants to make a literally active contribution to nature conservation. Within the next six months, calories can be collected in sweat mode in order to collectively earn up to 50.000 euros for the jungle project in the Eifel.

Within the next six months, a total of 2022 million calories are to be danced in Just Dance 250's sweat mode. In return, Ubisoft donates a sum of up to 50.000 euros, which will benefit the jungle project of Wohlleben's Forest Academy. The project is dedicated to the rescue and preservation of old beech forests in the Eifel and represents an important habitat for fauna and flora as well as a valuable CO2 storage facility. With the donation, a forest area in the Eifel of up to 12.500 m2 leased and sustainably protected.

Initiative runs until May 31st

Everyone in Germany, Austria and Switzerland who will play Just Dance 2022 in sweat mode during this period and burn calories will help to achieve the calorie target and support the Just Dance 4 Nature Initiative. Every month three dancers who show a lot of commitment can also receive a monthly prize as a thank you.

The Just Dance 4 Nature Initiative runs until May 31, 2022. The calorie level that has been danced jointly with the community can be viewed as a weekly progress from December 8th on the following official website: www.ubisoft.com/de-de.

The jungle project of Wohlleben's Forest Academy is dedicated to the protection and preservation of old beech forests, including in the Eifel. They are the rainforests of Europe and, with their old stock of trees, represent a valuable habitat for many highly specialized animal and plant species. These forests are very endangered in Germany and it is important that they are protected over the long term. By protecting these forests, the primeval forest project makes an important contribution in the fight against climate change and the preservation of biodiversity.

Just Dance 4 Nature supports the Play4Forests campaign as a further partner. This is aimed at the global gaming community and is a joint effort of the video game industry and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and aims to raise awareness of the importance of forests for our environment and health and to encourage heads of state and government worldwide to take decisive action to protect and restore them. To support this endeavor, players can take part in a petition. These and other information about Play4Forests are available on this website: www.play4forests.org.

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