In their show Joko & Klaas against Pro Sieben, the moderator duo can earn 15 minutes of broadcasting time. With these you can then do what you want. The two have already used their airtime and reach in the past to draw attention to socially relevant topics. During the 15 free minutes of the moderators, attention was drawn to topics such as sexual harassment towards women and the grievances in the Moria refugee camp. This Wednesday the current nursing emergency was discussed. The two could fall back on well over 15 minutes.

Social professions are highly recognized by society, but unfortunately they are often underpaid. This affects, among other things, employees in care, who are repeatedly confronted with overload and double shifts. The nursing emergency was a hotly debated topic even before the Corona crisis. This has contributed to the fact that the bottlenecks in care have worsened even further. A fact that Joko Winterscheidt (42) and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (37) drew attention to on Wednesday evening at prime time. In this case, Pro Sieben was inaugurated, because instead of just 15 minutes, the audience could follow 7 hours of everyday work.

7 hours live - the everyday life of a caregiver

The nurse is called Meike Ista, she works in the bone marrow and transplant center of the Münster University Hospital. She put a camera on her head for an early shift in March 2021. The viewer can follow the nurse's entire working day in real time. The documentary begins with the drive into the clinic's multi-storey car park. What follows now is the normal work madness of a caregiver. How she visits patients, measures fever, administers medication. Nothing is cut and nothing is glossed over. At the same time, other nurses have their say on the split screen. Comment on what you have seen or tell from your own everyday life. Of exhaustion and frustration. And about the fact that you don't want to change your profession, but the conditions.

Feedback on Twitter

The hashtag #not of course trending on Twitter within a short period of time. Spectators, media representatives and other caregivers take part in the discussion on the social media platform. The feedback on the live broadcast by Joko and Klaas has been consistently positive. Other broadcasters also praise the show's commitment. Arte tweeted that Pro Sieben is writing a piece of German TV history. And RTL's competition also has words of praise.

Many viewers use #not of course to chalk what they think is inactive politics.

Reaction from Jens Spahn

The Minister of Health responded to the live broadcast from Joko and Klaas directly on Thursday afternoon. By announcing further talks with nursing associations to achieve better working conditions in the industry. The payment of the Corona bonus is a part. Better pay and better working conditions in the long term are just as important for the 20s, said Spahn on Thursday in Berlin. "So that many people want to stay in the job and ideally return after this difficult phase of the pandemic, we will continue to discuss quickly in talks with the nursing associations how we can further improve the working conditions for this."

30 minutes available in the Pro Sieben media library

Even if, according to Pro Sieben, the show had a net reach of 5,84 million viewers. Certainly there are many interested parties who missed the show. Currently, at least the first 30 minutes of # can not of course be played in the Pro-Sieben-Media Library retrieve to catch up on this.