Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment, in partnership with Lionsgate, has announced that the video game for the John Wick film, John Wick Hex, will be released exclusively through the Epic Games Store on October 8, 2019 on Windows PC and Mac. Developed by Bithell Games, John Wick Hex is a kind of chess game with combat choreography that comes to life as an action-oriented timeline strategy game and captures the typical Gun-Fu fun and style of the series. 

The John Wick Hex video game was developed in close collaboration with the creative and stunt teams behind Lionsgate's hit franchise, so every step in the action game should feel exactly like a scene from the movie. Players should be able to feel like the legendary assassin himself, the makers behind the title lure.

Not a dull blast: ammunition is finite

Every action you choose should involve risks and consequences, every weapon should change the tactics that players have at hand. The ammunition is finite, but above all realistically simulated, so that assassins should even plan their reloading processes well and make the most of the tools that are found during the job.
The video game doesn't simply reflect the plot from the films, but adds a new, original storyline to the John Wick universe of the trilogy, with unique graphic noir art design and the voices of Ian McShane and Lance Reddick playing their iconic roles breathe life out of the movies. John Wick Hex also includes the speaking talents of Troy Baker, who speaks the mysterious antagonist Hex.
Responsible for developing John Wick Hex is Bithell Games, a team focused on creating fun, innovative games that tell adult stories. The studio's titles span multiple platforms and include the BAFTA award-winning Thomas Was Alone and Volume, as well as the award-nominated Circular Anthology Series (Subsurface Circular, Quarantine Circular).
According to the publisher, John Wick Hex will be available exclusively from the Epic Games Store for 8 euros on Windows PC and Mac on October 15,99th. On Saturday, October 5th, game developer Mike Bithell and special guests will also host a panel at New York Comic Con about transforming the unique world of John Wick into a video game.

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