John Madden is dead. The football legend died on December 28th at the age of 85. Madden Leaves a Decade-Long Record and Electronic Arts' Madden NFL video game series. EA Sports and the fans mourn on social media. 

Jon Madden passed away on the Tuesday after Christmas at the age of 85. The football legend led the Oakland Raiders to their first Superbowl title. Madden's career ends early: at the age of 42, he surprisingly dropped out of the coaching job. His record - the youngest coach to win 100 NFL victories - is unbroken to this day.

EA Sports: "Today we lost a hero"

John Madden is known to video game fans for the Madden NFL sports game series of the same name, which most recently featured Madden NFL 22 produced its youngest offshoot. The quality of the game series is not without controversy, but has been at a high level for many years. Overall, Madden NFL can be considered one of the best sports simulations out there.

It is no coincidence that the legend John Madden of all things gave the game its name: The then EA boss Trip Hawkins first presented the idea of ​​a new football simulation in the 1980s, which, however, should work with a reduced number of players for hardware reasons.

But that's exactly what Madden didn't want: In order for the series to bear his name, there would have to be eleven players on each side. Otherwise it would be “not real football”. When EA tried to implement the guidelines. In 1988 the title John Madden Football appeared for the Apple II. In the meantime, the series offers a sports game experience that comes very close to the TV presentation.

EA Sports thanks John Madden with a “Thanks, Coach” and honors the NFL legend: “Today we lost a hero,” they say. Madden have been synonymous with the sport of football for more than 50 years.

Even a mystery, the "Madden Curse", entwines the series. Accordingly, the cover stars of the game suffered enormous bad luck in the following season. Fans of the game are already calling on social media that Electronic Arts should put John Madden on the cover of the next Madden NFL part in memory of the legend - the coach.

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