Puzzles are booming. Verlag Schmidt Spiele is taking this as an opportunity to publish a children's puzzle that focuses on creativity and not on the search for particles: Jixels is the name of the new toy, which is about always processing the matching puzzle pieces into motifs yourself - or Use templates, some of which are based on well-known licenses.

There will be different sets for Jixels, announced Schmidt Spiele: equipped with 350, 700 or 1.500 puzzle pieces, depending on the complexity and size of the template. In addition to licensed motifs such as the Minions, the Mouse or Bibi & Tina, the range also includes license-free motifs from the underwater, mythical and animal worlds.

Jixels: Puzzle without puzzle frustration

In contrast to classic jigsaw puzzles, in which children are put to the test of patience by finding the particles, Jixels is almost exclusively about creativity. Although these parts are also different colors, they can be placed on each side to match. In the gray autumn and winter, Schmidt Spiele wants to “ensure colorful hours in your own four walls”.

The different kind of puzzle game also relies on stable particles, not on soft cardboard. In this way, colorful motifs can be easily put together on the supplied templates. Creative children, on the other hand, use their heads to create their own imaginative designs. The central trick of Jixels makes exactly that easier: every part fits in every place.

One of the available jixels sets revolves around Bibi and Tina. Source: Schmidt Games

One of the available jixels sets revolves around Bibi and Tina. Source: Schmidt Games

No glue, water or ironing are required for cohesion. In this way, the images can be dismantled and reassembled again and again.

Different sets for children aged five and over are available in stores. While the minions set with 350 pieces is one of the smaller ones, the package for the underwater world contains 1.500 pieces and five ready-made motifs. The Jixels set around Bibi and Tina is also well equipped - it also contains five motifs and 1.500 pieces.


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