With Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy one of the possibly best Star Wars games is finally available for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo had also put the title in its Nintendo Direct Mini, which was surprisingly released on March 26th. The Star Wars video game is still convincing today, despite its dusty appearance - there is also a control system that has been specially revised for Nintendo Switch.   

In the role of a Jedi student, fans of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy can swing the lightsaber - and that works better than ever on the Nintendo Switch thanks to the revision of the controls. One of the best Star Wars games can assert itself playfully today - and not only with nostalgics.

Jedi Academy: Build your own lightsaber 

Many well-known games found their way to the Nintendo Switch in March, such as the new offshoot of the popular Life-Sim Animal Crossing with the subtitle New Horizons. Well-known and new, but somehow old, is Star Wars - Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. The “third person” shooter has been available for Nintendo Switch since March 26th.

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As the successor to Jedi Outcast, the story continues. Again, players slip into the role of a Jedi, this time as the padawan of Kyle Katarn - at the eponymous Jedi Academy. Players then choose from various missions, travel the galaxy and fight their way through hordes of opponents.

Exciting: As the game progresses, you can choose to grow closer to the light or dark side of power. In any case, power and its power skills are clearly in focus at Jedi Academy. That is what makes the classic, which is still entertaining today, so appealing, as do the action-packed lightsaber fights. What makes this game one of the best Star Wars video games is its atmosphere. At every corner there is the typical “Star Warsyness”, the little stories in well-known locations.

There is also a little gimmick: You can optically adapt your own character, and you can design your own lightsaber from the handle to the blade.

Greetings from Darth Maul: Even a double-bladed lightsaber is used. Image: Nintendo

Greetings from Darth Maul: Even a double-bladed lightsaber is used. Image: Nintendo

There is also a great multiplayer mode with real PvP modes, including Capture the Flag of the Deathmatch. The multiplayer part is particularly exciting because of its lightsaber duels, of course against “real” opponents.

Jedi Academy is now available for Nintendo Switch and costs 19,99 euros as a download from the Nintendo eShop.

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