THQ has officially announced Jagged Alliance 3. The squad tactics series will therefore be expanded to include a modern offshoot. The classic from the nineties is still considered a milestone today, but that cannot be said of the most recent releases from the Jagged Alliance series. So the danger of completely screwing up Jagged Alliance 3 is real. THQ, please don't screw it up! 

THQ has released a trailer for the official announcement of Jagged Alliance 3. The shows the tactical game in its modern guise - and what you see knows how to inspire. at best, the developers manage to capture the spirit of the series from before. When the first part hit the market in the mid-1990s, it was something of a small revolution in the tactical genre. Jagged Alliance was strategically demanding and cheeky. The successor, which appeared about four years later, was able to top that. One expansion and one mod later was Jagged Alliance history - at least when it comes to the fans: What came after the second - and best - offshoot of the series was quickly forgotten, and rightly so.

Jagged Alliance 3: Like before, only more beautiful?

The developers have to be careful what they do with Jagged Alliance 3 now. It is important to deliver quality, to reconcile the brand with the fans. And that could actually work. In addition to a bit of CGI to get in the mood, the announcement video already shows short gameplay scenes - and they are reminiscent of more glorious times. Jagged Alliance 3 looks like it used to, only prettier, more modern and more detailed. Presumably, exactly the right development approach was taken to transport the grandiose classic into the modern era.

The basic idea remains the same: players put together their dream team of mercenaries with different skills in order to finish off opponents with tactics geared towards squad, map and opponents. Even then, each of the mercenaries had their own character, their own background story - hopefully that won't change with Jagged Alliance 3. The announcement trailer at least suggests exactly that. In the end, Jagged Alliance stands not only for smart round tactics, but also for the squad management behind it, including the ability to keep your team together as a commander. Sometimes you had to struggle more with the grumpy mercenary characters and their refusal to give orders than against the clever AI.

According to the announcement, Jagged Alliance 3 will "combine tactical depth with turn-based combat with exploration of a large game world with strategic elements," specifically controlling territories, training local armies, and setting up multiple squads chosen from "beloved mercenaries will". Sounds like back then? Exactly!

The project could actually succeed, mainly because THQ has left the work to experienced developers. Haemimont Games is responsible for the implementation. The Bulgarian studio previously made games like Tropico 3 to 5, Victor Vran and Surviving Mars. The “true successor” could come.


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