The new Paper Mario for Nintendo Switch will be released on July 17th. Nintendo uses the waiting time to present another trailer for “The Origami King” to fans. The new video shows the paper plumber in action - in different settings. Players can then look forward to jumping in dark canals, forests, but also ancient ruins. 

Princess Peaches Castle was conquered by the nasty origami king Olly. It goes without saying that the cardboard plumber Mario sets out to change that again and not only to save the noble house, but also the princess. In a new trailer for Paper Mario: The Origami King, Nintendo shows the diverse settings players have to travel through on their missions.

Paper Mario: Trailer shows ring-based combat

King Olly's gloomy plans: he wants to fold the whole world. Therefore, he kidnapped Princess Peach and her castle. The heroic Mario opposes the project with effective folding techniques. He sets off to loosen the huge streamers that bind the lock. So the crazy premise of the new offshoot of the popular Paper Mario series.

Mario explores vast worlds: dark channels underground, raging rapids, an ancient ruin, a house full of ninjas and an oasis in the desert. the new trailers shows which colorful game environments are waiting for the players:


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Players meet bizarre characters: Including a bob-omb with amnesia, a Toad archeology professor - and an expert in ancient history, or the magician Kamek, who always has a trick up his sleeve. Mario also receives help on his journey, then from illustrious friends like Olivia, King Olly's good-natured sister. Hard to believe: Even Bowser stands on the side of his other adversary. All supporters have an influence on the gaming experience, because their skills can be decisive in combat.

There is also a fight for Paper Mario: The Origami King - recently “ring-based”. The concept requires strategic and quick thinking. In this way, opponents can be pushed together in groups in order to throw them against them with precise attacks with maximum impact. Players have to consider when to jump on their opponents with Mario's boots or flatten them with a hammer, and when to use items strategically to heal or attack. Timing is therefore essential in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch should not be boring in view of the countless bizarre opponents and supporters. Copyright: Nintendo

Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch should not be boring in view of the countless bizarre opponents and supporters. Copyright: Nintendo

During the tricky fights, Mario receives encouragement from cheering Toads, who can help intervene in a fight. The brave plumber meets some of his toughest opponents with the “office supply brigade”: bosses from the stationery store such as colored pencils, adhesive tape or rubber bands. Sounds crazy? I agree!

If Mario doesn't step into the ring against her, he can explore locations to find hidden objects, use scraps of paper to plug holes in the landscape and unearth loads of other Toads that are hiding everywhere. There are also mini-games with which players can unlock rewards; in addition, numerous secrets and treasures can be discovered.

Incidentally, the game will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Anyone who has already pre-ordered the game can now download it in advance from Nintendo's eShop.

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