In the north there is fried fish, in Istanbul there is baksheesh - and of course tasty, strong mocha. The base game Istanbul has earned the title of Expert Game of the Year 2014 and has taken board players' hearts by storm. So it wasn't a big surprise that an expansion was released. But does the additional game content keep what it promises? After all, the purchase price of around 19 euros is not traded - so good ideas are needed to justify the price.

Mocha and baksheesh

Istanbul is one of the largest metropolitan regions in the world. The historic city is full of cultural treasures and definitely has more to offer than “kebab with spicy” - even if the fast food flatbread is extremely tasty.

In the board game expansion Istanbul: mocha and baksheesh Again, everything revolves around the wide range of goods offered by Turkish dealers. If expensive fabrics, fresh fruit and fragrant spices were already popular trading resources in the basic game Istanbul, the range of options will be expanded again in the Mocha and Baksheesh expansion. From now on, freshly roasted coffee is also on the dealer list.

But that's not all. Istanbul is growing - at least the board. With the expansion it increases by exactly 4 x 5 grid fields. There are of course also new bonus cards and placemarks. Strictly speaking, the new resource coffee is not a commodity, but can also be exchanged for rubies in the Turkish coffee house. It gets a little tactical with the guild cards, which allow independent moves, but then let other game actions in the current move expire. It gets really nasty when opposing players place barriers and the guild halls spend their guild cards. As a trader in Istanbul, you have to be prepared for a lot. 

Little changes in the basic rules of Istanbul. Fortunately, because even the basic game is an absolute guarantee for entertainment. Since up to six rubies are played, a little more patience is required. Istanbul: Mocha and Baksheesh brings new tactics and a little more complexity into the game and extends the playing time, which is definitely to be welcomed. Anyone who has already liked the basic game will be enthusiastic about the targeted improvements. Istanbul: Mocha and Baksheesh offers excitement at the highest level.

The quality of the game material is once again excellent. Great: The guild cards are even held in two languages.