Insel der Katzen is entering a new round: Frank West is bringing the successor to the board game to the Kickstarter platform as crowdfunding in October. The game author remains true to the animals, only the setting changes. 

Fire and water, that's what Race to the Raft, the brand's new board game, will be about island of cats and his direct successors. So one thing is clear: the cool water will also play a role again, the cats anyway and also the “shipping” will have a task at least rudimentarily. The titles were published in German by the publisher Skellig Games. 

Cooperative instead of competitive

The Isle of Cats was purely a competitive puzzler, with a clear winner at the end: it was the player with the most points. Frank West's board game was released in 2019 and found many fans right from the start. No wonder: Cats are absolute favorite pets and the Internet doesn't work at all without them, it is said. At the debut, players had to lure as many four-legged friends as possible onto their ark and were able to collect treasures at the same time. 

With the successor, things are now fundamentally changing: it is again a question of saving the fur ball – and this time from fire. However, the players in Race to the Raft will only be able to do this as a team. The game therefore follows a cooperative approach. What does not change: it remains a pure one Cat Board Game.

An island is on fire and up to four players are on a joint rescue mission. Instead of different laying forms, Frank West is working with a tile concept this time. Players must provide the cats with safe paths around the fire and towards the rescue raft. The game system will be laid out in scenarios: there should be over 80 of them, plus a tutorial. And Frank West is also aimed at solo players with Race to the Raft – a game should last up to 60 minutes. 

Race to the Raft will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter on October 18th. You can make a note the campaign already. 

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