The Epic Games Achievements, which should enable players to collect bronze, silver and gold successes while gambling, will appear in the next week. Some of the most popular games will be equipped with this innovation at launch. According to the developer of computer and video games Epic Games, the range of games that are supposed to invite you to hunt for success will be steadily expanded.

The pursuit of success has always been a successful means of keeping gamers happy. Now Epic Games announced that an Achievements System will be introduced shortly, with which players can collect EP through game successes. The selection of games with this offer is initially limited to popular titles such as Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Kena, Zombie Army 4 or Alan Wake Remastered. According to Epic Games, it will be expanded in the future in cooperation with other developers. The individual playable Epic successes should be displayed in the store on the page of the respective games.

Epic success in 4 steps

The principle is well-tried. The successes are divided into four different levels depending on the EP value collected. For example, a value of 5 to 45 experience points results in a bronze achievement, whereas a value of 1000 EP results in a platinum achievement. In between there are also silver and gold achievements. The player's progress is saved on a new page within the library. From there it can be tracked and shared with other players. Further updates are planned in the future that will introduce new social features and rewards to the games.

Some time ago, the developers themselves introduced successes. This procedure was made possible by Epic Games, but the administration was solely carried out by the developers themselves. Successes integrated into the game in this way can be retained if the developers decide against the new system. If the choice falls on the new Epic Achievement System, the success points collected by the players do not expire. The progress made so far is carried over as Account XP.

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