When looking for innovations from the realm of board games, as an old sci-fi veteran, I came across the promising Metallum board game from the Heidelberger Spieleverlag. The strategy game is designed for crisp 2-player games and knows how to shine with a futuristic scenario. One of the greatest jobs in the universe has always been that of a pilot.

A board game for freighter pilots 

At Metallum, every player slips into this very role and becomes an experienced freighter pilot. You read that correctly, the vehicle to be steered is a huge factory spaceship and not an agile fighter. However, this does not reduce the fun in any way, because exciting adventures can also be experienced as the commander of a somewhat sedate industrial ship.

The aim of the game is to find the eponymous and extremely valuable raw material Metallum. Numerous planets and old research facilities are waiting to be discovered. With the help of scout robots, the board players explore the universe. In order to find a way through space and ultimately to reach the rare metallum deposits, wise programming of the ship's controls is an essential part of the pilot's life.

Metallum is now also available in German.

The authors of the board game Metallum rely on crisp, strategic decisions and equip the players with well-made game material. In addition to planet plates and maps, there are two beautiful player ships and lots of technical accessories that are just waiting to be built into the ships. This makes Metallum a real treat for the gaming table. Around one hour of playing time per game offers enough time for extensive entertainment. Among the novelties from the world of board games, Metallum is one of the most interesting candidates for me because, in addition to strategic skill, the playing time is also to be assessed positively. 60+ minutes for a two-player board game is a stunner. In addition, the board game is comparatively cheap to buy. With prices from an average of € 25 Metallum is not necessarily cheap for a 2-player board game, but a bargain if you include the fun in the bill as a value.

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