Ancient Machine Studios and Skybound Games officially unveiled VICE NDRCVR at the IGN Summer of Gaming. VICE NDCRVCR is an interactive thriller set in the deadly underground world and drug cartels of 80s Miami.

In VICE UNDRVCR, players take on the role of an undercover cop in an alternate 80s Miami, where the city is firmly in the hands of brutal drug cartels. Using the early internet, which the criminal masterminds naturally use to their own advantage, it is up to players to infiltrate the cartel's computer system, making life-or-death decisions that will affect the rest of the story.

Release for PC Steam

“VICE NDRCVR represents everything we love about 1980s pop culture, from neon aesthetics to synth soundtracks to homages to classic crime and TV cinema,” said Cos Lazouras, co-founder of Ancient Machine Studios. “We bring a twist and a healthy dose of paranoia to the game: it's an alternative Miami in the 80's, where the technology existed much earlier than reality. How would a drug war unfold under these conditions?” Adds Miguel Periago, co-founder of Ancient Machine Studios, “VICE NDRVCR's story is a complex thriller with twists and turns that will keep players amazed.”

Featuring the premium Amigo operating system reminiscent of classic operating systems of the era, players must maintain their cover while sifting through secret messages, uncovering confidential documents, and helping the cartel carry out its deadly business. With each piece of information gained, players get closer to uncovering the cartel organization and their goal to end the reign of terror from within.

But posing as a computer specialist is risky. The cartel building is teeming with hit men and corrupt cops who want nothing more than to stop an undercover agent. As such, players must remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings while combing the intricate system, checking camera footage, and monitoring activities to ensure their safety.

Featuring 1980s-inspired animated cutscenes, retro-style news reports, and a catchy synth-wave soundtrack, players must struggle to survive each day walking the fine line between cop and criminal.

"We are delighted that the team at Ancient Machine Studios has chosen to work with Skybound on their debut title, VICE NDRCVR," said Ian Howe, Managing Partner at Skybound. "This passionate team of game development veterans draws on decades of experience and we're thrilled that they're bringing their incredible expertise to a truly unique 80's themed game."

VICE NDRCVR is coming to PC via Steam. More information and details about the game will follow in the coming months.


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