Turn-based strategy RPG with roguelite elements The Dragoness – Command of the Flame from PQube and Crazy Goat Games will be released on September 1st, 2022 for PC.

The Heroes of Might and Magic-inspired title sends players into the role of an elf commander on the Drairthir Peninsula. Here they are commissioned by the dragon queen to restore order with her army of mighty beasts after a dragon war and to build the new capital Níwenborh. Tactics and strategic thinking are required to emerge victorious from the detailed animated battles, manage resources profitably and lead the country back to its former glory.

Turn-based with a roguelite twist

Heavily inspired by the Heroes of Might and Magic series, The Dragoness combines base building, exploration, and strategic turn-based combat with a roguelite twist. All battles on the grid-based battlefield are animated in great detail: griffins soar in the air with their mighty wings, centaurs shoot precise arrows and gigantic dragons impress with their fiery breath.

Strategy and tactics are required to assemble a powerful team of beasts with different abilities and special attacks to defeat the opponents. With each completed mission, players unlock new spoils of war with which to build their city, recruiting and combining new, increasingly powerful beasts.

If you want to take a look at The Dragoness - Command of the Flame before the release, you can download the Download free demo on Steam.


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