When a company launches a website, it probably doesn't happen without ulterior motives. Sony recently released the official website for the next-gen console. Fans are rightly expecting new information about the Playstation 5. Sony has also stated on the website when the Playstation 5 should appear: "soon".

Sony had already shown the official logo of the Playstation 5 at the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES for short, in Las Vegas. The company is now launching the website. Really new details are not announced there at the moment. There is only the possibility of registering for a newsletter. In addition, Sony points out that some details about the next-generation console have already been published, but that they are not yet ready to fully announce the Playstation 5.

Some technical details about the Playstation 5 are already known

Newsletter subscribers will be among the first to receive information on the Playstation 5's price, release date and launch titles. So far, only one game has been known that will be available for release: Godfall.

There is still no specific date for the unveiling of the console. Because Sony will not be represented at E3 this year either, this gaming event will be canceled for the unveiling event - unless Sony is planning an event parallel to E3. However, there is no official information on this.

Should Sony orient itself to the procedure for the PS5 when presenting the Playstation 4, there will be an independent unveiling ceremony. This is not to be expected in the short term, especially since Sony has already indicated that the price question for the Playstation 5 has not yet been finally clarified.

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In addition to the official name and logo, Sony had already pointed out some technical details of the Playstation 5. The next-generation console will have a fast SSD, and ray tracing is also supported, a technology with which 3D objects can be displayed extremely realistically. It is also known that the Playstation controller for the next-gen edition of the console has been completely redesigned: Overall, the haptic feeling will probably be significantly intensified by improved vibration and the adaptive trigger buttons. The Playstation 5 controller will also have a USB-C port, otherwise the differences are rather marginal. Developers can also include the controller in their design process and control it specifically for user interactions.

If you want to register for the Playstation newsletter, you can do so on the official website for Playstation 5 do. According to the website, the Playstation 5 will be available “from Christmas 2020”. After all, this can be used as official confirmation of the already announced period End 2020 be seen.

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