The 2D action platformer Imp of the Sun is coming to all consoles on Thursday, March 24th. Inspired by the culture of Peru, the game from developer Sunwolf Entertainment and publisher Fireshine Games is available at launch for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

In Imp of the Sun, players explore a sprawling, hand-drawn 2D world, from the bright peaks of the Andes to the dense jungles of the Amazon. Players take on the role of Nin, a goblin created from the last spark of the sun. On his adventure he explores the world and faces intense battles. The aim is to defeat the four guardians and restore the power of the sun. Only in this way can Nin save the world from the Eternal Solar Eclipse before it sinks into darkness forever.

Musical accompaniment as a highlight

Imp of the Sun also offers a breathtaking and unique background music. Inspired by Peruvian culture and traditions, the original soundtrack was scored by a live studio orchestra and includes samples of native historical instruments thousands of years old.

Here's what players can expect as they enter the world of Imp of the Sun:

Ending the Eternal Darkness – Stolen centuries ago by the Four Wardens and hidden in the far corners of the realm, life cannot continue without the power of the sun. With its last spark, the sun creates Nin and sends him on an adventure to bring back the light and restore balance to the realm.

Stoking the Fire Within – As a creature of the sun, Nin can harness its power. The gameplay in Imp of the Sun demands the highest level of precision, as it is designed for fluid movement and combo-based combat. By discovering and learning new skills, Nin gains the strength to take on the four Wardens.

A Stunning Peru-Inspired World Awaits Discovery - Explore the four corners of the empire, from the bright peaks of the Andes and the dense jungles of the Amazon to arid, scorching deserts and the dark depths of the underworld. Each land and creature has been lovingly hand drawn and detailed to honor Peru's past civilizations.

Explore, Gather, and Learn – The ancestors recorded their history in the form of artifacts known as "quipus". Collecting Quipus will reveal the story behind the Eternal Eclipse. There are also unique hidden items to be found based on real relics from Andean cultures. Players can explore the realm and challenge the challenging bosses in any order. Each of them has its own complex mechanics and backstory.

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