Development studio Awaceb and publisher Kepler Interactive today announced that the enchanting, critically acclaimed open-world island adventure Tchia has leapt into the hearts of over a million gamers in the first six weeks of its release. 

To celebrate this milestone, Awaceb has released an Accolades trailer and opened pre-order for the PS5 and PS4 physical versions, due out on July 18th.

Distributed in partnership with Maximum Games, the physical version of Tchia will be available for PlayStation 18 and 4 on July 5th and is available for pre-order now at select retailers. The Oléti physical edition also includes a number of cosmetic customizations inspired by other titles in Kepler Interactive's repertoire. Tchia's outfit, boot, and ukulele can be customized with Sifu, Scorn, Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, and Cat Quest themed designs.

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In Tchia you slip into the shoes of the young adventuress and eponym of the game "Tchia", who sets out to free the archipelago and her father from the clutches of the tyrannical ruler Meavora. With the help of her unique Soul Leap ability, her magical ukulele and her profane, but no less effective, slingshot, the young heroine fights her way through Meavora's minions - the Maano - solving puzzles and exploring the game world. Praised by the press for the game's charming world and childlike curiosity experienced through the eyes of the protagonist, Tchia offers a first glimpse into a corner of the world unknown to many, with New Caledonian-inspired scenery and culture .

Tchia is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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