GRIS developer Nomada has released a stunning new trailer to announce that GRIS will be coming to PlayStation 13 and Xbox Series S|X consoles on December 4th, the 5th anniversary of its critically acclaimed release.

GRIS is a touching and atmospheric experience - completely free of danger, frustration and death, the character explores a beautifully painted world, brought to life with fine art, detailed animation and an elegant original score. The game features easy puzzles, platforming sequences and optional skill-based challenges - revealed as you explore the world of Gris.

The newly announced version offers a wealth of technical improvements and console-specific features:

  • Xbox Series S: 2k 120fps
  • Xbox Series X: 4k 60fps or 2k 120fps
  • PS5: 4k 120fps + DualSense features like haptics, speakers and more

GRIS gets by with almost no text and relies on simple control instructions that are illustrated by universal symbols. The game can thus be enjoyed completely independently of the spoken language.

Preview Product Rating Price
Xbox Series X Xbox Series X* 569,79 EUR

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