The new indie game from the Warsaw developers of Klabater "The Amazing American Circus" is set in the times of the Gilded Age and immerses the player in American history. While cowboys and crooks are making the west unsafe, there is an economic boom on the east coast and then the most popular occupation of the Americans should be mentioned: going to the circus! Which is to be equated with a public holiday in the 19th century. The perfect moment to build your own circus empire.

In the indie game "The Amazing American Circus", recently announced by Klabater, the player slips into the role of an initially poor owner of a traveling circus. Here bizarre staff are hired and, if necessary, fired again. The player also has to plan his next venues and adapt the performances of the artists to the wishes of the local audience, because what is popular in the retrograde south can mean the downfall of the circus in the north. Besides, the competing showmen should always stay in focus in order to survive in the video game. However, the player's biggest enemy is the boredom of the audience.

Indie game between circus arena and history

Historical influences can always be found in Klabater's indie games. This is also the case in “The Amazing American Circus”, because while the player wanders from coast to coast with his circus, he finds himself in historical places and meets over a hundred important historical personalities of the 19th century. Century


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The video game looks like a mixture of role play, card game, adventure, business simulator and building game, with a strong influence of American history. For example, the player repeatedly engages in card duels with his audience. Musically, the indie game is accompanied by classical music from the circus tent of the 19th century.

The indie game with the historic title "The Amazing American Circus" is slated for release in 2021. It will have a German subtitle. It should be available for the PC and also for Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch consoles.


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