Pocket Watch by Sokpop Collective is a brightly colored video game set on a tropical island. Here the player takes on the role of a duck to save cute animals from a dangerous volcano. But that's not that easy, because Pocket Watch is played in a time loop. This means that at the end of each day a devastating volcano erupts, razing the entire island to the ground. The flowing lava is the certain death of all animals. It is necessary to skillfully prevent this by finding out which problem is responsible for the natural disaster.

In the video game Pocket Watch, it is the player's job to prevent the end of happiness on the island. He talks to the animal inhabitants of the tropical paradise, collects objects and explores the spacious island and its leisure activities. But be careful! If you spend too much time discovering all corners of the island and enjoying your tropical excursion, Pocket Watch punishes you with a deadly volcano, which always spreads its glowing hot lava over the island paradise at the end of the day.

Pocket Watch: Tropical paradise and deadly danger

But that's not so easy, because with the presence of 20 different talking animals and 50 collectible objects, the goal is sometimes overlooked. If the world falls victim to the volcano, the puzzle starts all over again. Pocket Watch comes up with several possible game broadcasts, which significantly increases the incentive to replay. The sugar-sweet game Pocket Watch is available on itch.io for $ 3, and any value can be donated. A publication on Steam should follow. The adventure by Sokpop Collective offers fun for three to four hours of adventure in the tropical paradise.

In Pocket Watch, players slip into the role of a duck. Image: Sokpop Collective

In Pocket Watch, players slip into the role of a duck. Image: Sokpop Collective

Sokpop Collective regularly launches indie games

Sokpop Collective is a Dutch group of game designers who have been publishing video games for over two years. The four designers offer two new video games every month and make them available via itch.io and Steam for a small purchase price. The designers can also be supported by Patreon. The range of games is astonishingly diverse. From role-playing games to adventure games and card games or pinball, everything an indie lover's heart desires is included. Two of the titles are assigned to the popular MMOs. The artwork is unique, colorful and has a high recognition value.

Current titles include: Pocket Watch - A time-traveling adventure game, Pipo Park - A very happy, messy playground, Skelets - A local multiplayer skeleton brawler, King Pins- A local multiplayer RTS, Fishy 3D - A adventure game about a fish, Gray Scout - A stealth game set on a bleak rainy island und Flipper Volcano- Procedurally generated ghost pinball inside a volcano.



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