Gamescom's popular indie event opens its doors today: Together with Gamescom, the Indie Arena Booth has prepared a lot of content to put 279 games in the spotlight.

From Thursday afternoon until Sunday there is a daily live stream program: The starting signal will be given on Thursday at 16 p.m. with a "Welcome to". Afterwards, various indie games and their developers will be the focus until around 22 p.m. And: Social issues from the world of gaming are also tackled. A stream on "Diversity in Gaming" will take place on Thursday from 21 p.m.

Indie games in the spotlight

"All the hustle and bustle surrounding the event makes me look forward to it," says Valentina Birke, Head of IAB, who heads the event. “We took all of the best parts of last year's IAB and built on them to make this year even more exciting, understandable, and overall better. I can't wait for players to explore the event. "

The players can immerse themselves in the virtual fair even more deeply than ever before. Not only can you meet your friends in the fair MMO, but you can also interact with the developers of the indie games and marvel at the new level design.

The indie highlights of the digital Gamescom:

    • Summer Camp of Doom is a virtual trade fair MMO with 120 selected indies and the Arcade Village. The camp is open from August 25th to 29th.
    • India Arena Booth Twitch Events with Shay Thompson and Andrea Rene, with Let's Plays and Award Show from August 25th to 29th, daily from 15:30 p.m.
    • Sales & Demo Events Steam and GOG, with all titles from the Indie Arena Booth and dozens of exclusive demos.
    • gamescom: Awesome Indies comes straight from the picturesque Venice Beach and presents over 40 unique games.
    • gamescom EPIX offers exclusive prizes, sponsored by around 30 partners.

Shay Thompson was one of the hosts of the event last year and is happy to be there again: “Indie Arena Booth will be the hotspot. There are trailers, interviews and exclusive insights into the world of indie games. I was very honored to host the event last year and I am very excited to be back this year. "

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