They've done it again: the still young start-up Hybr has its next game in the pipeline with "Ungeeuer hungrig". After Russian cuisine and space dolphins, monsters are now the focus of the cooperative family game, which was created in cooperation with Lucky Duck Games. The title will be published at SPIEL'21 and will be available in German and, among other things, in English. 

The cooperative family game Ungeheuer Hungrig (sic!) is aimed at two to four players aged six and up. This time the focus is on monsters, colors and great hunger. The game joins the series of previously released Hybr games with the crazy idea, but seems almost stuffy compared to the previous "themes". The cooperative family game was created in cooperation with Lucky Duck Games, the publisher behind board games like Destinies, Chronicles of Crime or Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time.

Family card game with smartphone support

Hybr remains true to the basic concept: Ungeheuer Hungrig also relies on a smartphone as an aid. Players describe their colorful clutter cards as precisely as possible and try to mix up the displayed fur color and feed the little monsters. So they work their way through four chapters, unlock new maps, monsters and locations and at the end possibly solve the riddle about the origins of the little monsters. At the beginning of the game, the players place their smartphone or tablet in the middle of the table and hand out the cards. In the app, the first monster waits hungrily drooling for something to eat.

In any order, the players feed an object by holding a card over the device and scanning the QR code on the back of the card. The color combination from the fed stuff has to come as close as possible to the fur color of the monster in order to master the level. Apart from the color, the little beasts are not that picky - whether grandma's scratching records, underpants or butts - the monsters think it's great.

Hybr Games' Andreas Wilde is the author of Ungeheuer Hungrig and the successful predecessor game Soviet Kitchen Unleashed: “When you see children playing Soviet Kitchen, you can only marvel! It is often even easier for the little ones to describe and mix colors precisely. This really happy game finally gets a kid-friendly theme with Monster Hungry and a fun secondary mechanic with Vitamin Alert!” he explains.

The players of Ungeheuer Hungry have the choice between the story mode and the party mode. In story mode, you embark on the mysterious monster trail. Twelve levels over four chapters are waiting to be played. There are exciting places to discover and absurd clutter to collect. Always new monsters with unique abilities provide varied challenges. For the young audience, there is a lot to learn and discover on the journey from the attic, through the forest to the museum. In party mode you can play outside of the story. In completed rounds, all card cards that have been unlocked up to that point can be used.

Unbelievably Hungry contains 92 cards and an app with 12 different levels and a step-by-step tutorial. So it can be unpacked and played on the spot. It will be on the GAME 2021 published and will initially appear in German, English, French and Polish. Other languages ​​have yet to be confirmed. Lucky Duck Games will launch the English language title as Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy. Heidelbär Games will distribute the German-language version. If you want, you can already pre-order Monster Hungrig for 17,99 euros via the in-house shop of Hybr.

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