The corona pandemic affects everyone and affects some particularly, such as toy retailers. Whether it is a large store or a small shop: in the past three months there has been a complete standstill in the shops. Some kept themselves afloat - sometimes, sometimes less successfully - with delivery services or click-and-collect offers. Most federal states now have a shopping system linked to the incidence value. This does not go far enough for the toy trade, the Federal Association of Toy Retailers is “stunned by the Corona resolutions.

If nothing helps, sad humor may help: “Numerous toy retailers go to the dogs,” warns Wieland Sulzer, chairman of the Federal Association of Toy Retailers (BVS). The drama is that the forced closure doesn't even save lives. Safe shopping is possible every day and has never been dangerous. “If the lockdown is extended until after Easter - as planned - the dying will spread in the inner cities. But at least the retailer can 'die with dignity' because he can get an appointment with the hairdresser. "

The lockdown applies until March 28th. That was decided by the federal and state governments at the last Corona summit. After all, a light flickers at the end of the tunnel: Basically, shopping is also possible in local shops. However, under special conditions that dictate the incidence values. On the one hand, customers can be granted admission by appointment, and if the incidence falls below 50, regulated mini-customer flows are even allowed.

Three months of lockdown - and no end in sight

For the smallest of the small toy shops, the measurement of square meters is practically no different from appointment shopping. More than one, maybe two customers at most, can frolic in front of the shelves in those federal states where the seven-day incidence is already below 50. At most, the big shops could benefit - provided that customers dare to shop.

The federal and state governments have not decided to open the shops, instead there is the now famous A4 rule sheet, which specifies the step-by-step route out of lockdown. That doesn't go far enough for the Federal Association of Toy Retailers. There one speaks of an “incomprehensible confusion matrix” and a delay in the “long overdue opening”. From an economic point of view alone, this may already be true: The BVS states that the last three months of the lockdown would have cost the around 3.000 stationary toy retailers together over 300 million euros, meaning the loss of income.

But according to the Federal Association, there are no problems with hygiene safety either: “While other European countries have long since reopened their retail stores despite significantly higher incidence figures, the Federal Chancellor and Prime Ministers continue to ignore the findings of the Robert Koch Institute, the trade association for trade and goods logistics (BGHW), the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) and hygiene experts, according to which there is no increased risk of infection from the SARS-CoV-2 virus from shopping in retail ”, according to the BVS.

It could take months until "unlimited" shopping is possible on site again - depending on the development of the pandemic situation. Photo: Volkmann

It could take months until "unlimited" shopping is possible again on site - depending on the development of the pandemic situation. Photo: Volkmann

BVS Managing Director Steffen Kahnt criticized the politicians who ignored studies and statements on safety. “The price for this is not only paid by the local closed companies, but also by every citizen. When companies disappear, municipalities will soon have to get by with less tax revenue. In the future there will be further cuts in schools, kindergartens and swimming pools due to the devastating forced closings. "

In an open letter, several toy retailers, including Rofu, Vedes, Galerie Karstadt-Kaufhof and Smyths Toys, wrote to the Chancellor and the country leaders. The reasons mentioned were given: existing safety when shopping even before an incidence of 50 is reached, no increased risk of infection, loss of income in the millions and costs that arise for the general public.

The stationary toy retailer suffers twice in Corona times, maybe three or four times: Due to the tough lockdown in recent months and now because of the opening regulations, which will probably bring little walk-in customers especially to the small shops. And then through the strengthening of online retail, which could keep other customers from visiting the store in the future as well. Anyone who does not go along with web shopping now, has no capacity or is afraid of the costs, could be left out in the long term.

The indirect, long-term consequences of the corona pandemic are by no means fully predictable. Just as the development of the infection does not seem predictable: the number of cases is currently stagnating, often with upward spikes. The R-value is stubbornly hanging around 1, which indicates increasing numbers. The vaccinations are making slow progress, as is the tests. Nothing is over by far - a third wave hovers like a sword of Damocles over the stationary toy retailers. At best, the announced vaccination campaign via resident doctors gives hope. It starts in April, probably at least. The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians calculates that by August almost 70 million German citizens could be vaccinated.

For the toy trade, this means once again: persevere.

Source: BVS

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