Video games are very popular and have been since the first consoles came onto the market a few years ago. There are now video games in every category and there is something for everyone.

You have the opportunity to dive into a completely different world and escape from everyday life. The ever-evolving technology is also a big plus, because video games are now reminiscent of films in which you can influence the course of things yourself and are therefore part of the story. The other way around, however, there are now many Video game based slots, such as Resident Evil, Hitman or Space Invaders.

Furthermore, it often happens that the most famous video games like Resident Evil or Call of Duty also get an ongoing story in the casino world. This industry has sensed a new target group in the great success of video games and is also trying to make the casino world more interesting for video game fans. By linking these two worlds, casino mini-games are becoming more common in video games to draw fans' attention and keep them interested.

The casino mini-games are mostly thematically adapted to the original and were inspired by the theme and the design. For example, a mini-game was inspired by Call of Duty. Call of Duty is a first-person shooter game in which you fight with your army as a soldier in a war. As a player, you have various weapons at your disposal, such as hand grenades, ammunition and a machine gun. These elements can also be found in the matching casino game and make it so interesting for every fan.

Another well-known and popular video game is Resident Evil, set in the fictional city of Raccoon City. A virus broke out in this city through experiments, which triggered a zombie epidemic that must be fought against. Also in this game there are casino games inspired by the video game. For example, it is about cracking a code and thus achieving different profits.

A slightly different, but no less popular game is Tomb Raider. This is an action-adventure game about a treasure hunt and starring Lara Croft. A suitable casino game was also developed for this, which combines the aspect of the action-adventure game with gambling and is something new for the fans, but they still get the Lara Croft vibe. The matching casino game is about discovering three of the symbols in a row on the game reel. If you have done this, you get access to winnings or other free spins.

Another game from a different area is Streetfighter, in which different fighters fight each other and try to defeat the opponent with their own special powers. The matching casino game asks the player first of all to choose one of the two characters and can finally try to line up all three symbols on the reel while gambling. The different characters also make a second round a new experience, so that the player does not get bored.

For the old school fans out there, there is another video game, Space Invaders, which was developed in the late 70's and revolved around the player having to shoot down the aliens before they reached the bottom of the board. The slot is designed in the same style as the original game, aiming to give the player a nostalgic mood and bring back old memories. If you have lined up three matching symbols, you receive further bonus functions and winning opportunities.

The aim of these slots is to give the player the same feelings and joy as playing the original game. This is also the reason why design and style are so often based on the original. The gameplay should also be similar, which is why you have the option, for example, to choose between different characters or to become aware of different symbols.

Overall, these casino games are a great way to add variety to your day-to-day gaming routine, because even though the design and style and possibly the feel of the game are similar, it is something new and different and definitely worth a try. Ultimately, technology has come a long way in recent years and while online casinos were annoying advertisements until recently, they have improved their quality significantly and offer a new gaming experience to any fan of the original.