For fans of digital Star Wars games, the market is currently manageable. Apart from the shooter Star Wars Battlefront and the MMORPG Star Wars The Old Republic, it looks rather poor. So if you don't want to use older game titles, you should keep an eye on the area of ​​app games for smartphones and tablets. There the selection of new Star Wars games is slightly larger. Role players can be found in the games app Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes a surprisingly motivating and technically outstanding alternative to console or PC games. We took a closer look at the game and show you in the following game app review whether a trip to distant galaxies is also worthwhile for demanding players.

Game app put to the test: Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away ...
Since November 2015, rebels and imperial troops have been fighting for supremacy in the world of the app Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes. The game app from the development studio Capital Games, which is also responsible for the game Heroes of Dragon Age under the flag of Electronic Arts (EA), was recently updated to a new version: numerous new content has been available since July 12, 2016 available to old and new players. Including the newly introduced “exchange”, a successful improvement in the interaction between the guild members. From now on, players can not only get hold of items through battles or buy them in the shop areas, but can also be donated to specific donations by guild members. A great feature that promotes cohesion within the guilds. Another highlight of the current patch is the introduction of so-called mods, with which you can further improve your characters in order to successfully complete PvP and PvE battles.

In the test: Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes for smartphones and tablets
Wokiees are always ready to fight and determined, as you know.

And that brings us straight to the presentation of the game content Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes. Capital Games' game app appeals to different types of players. From PvE-loving soloists to committed raiders to tough PvP players, there is enough game content to be entertained at a high level in the long term. A shallow introduction provides new players with a war troop so that they can approach them slowly and understandably as part of a tutorial Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes to introduce. Star Wars fans will love the SPiele app: It not only includes the iconic characters from the classic trilogy, but also numerous characters from the animation series and the new film Star Wars - The Force Awakens. So if you've always wanted to beat up a few opponents with Kylo Ren or Rey, this game gives you the opportunity. Fights run at Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes turn-based. This ensures strategic gameplay and is particularly challenging in higher-level battles and raids. Each combat character has their own unique combat actions and passive skills that can be improved as the game progresses. Clone Wars Chewbacca, for example, is a functional tank that not only scoffs, but can also heal and “buff” itself at a later level. Other well-known characters, such as Darth Sidious or Admiral Ackbar, are specialists in the fight against Jedi healers or ideal support characters who provide bonus attacks or critical hits. Depending on the level of the tempo value, the figures move into the action area and use one of the available skills per round. The special skills are subject to cooldown times, so that their use must be planned in a tactically wise manner. The further the game progresses, the more important the targeted use of heals, buffs and debuffs as well as mocking skills becomes.

Han Solo always shoots first

If the composition of your own war troops is still arbitrary at the beginning, you can only achieve victories in the later course of the game with a perfectly coordinated team. Above all, synergies help, which give the entire squad tactical advantages. For example, there are Jedi who grant allied Jedi a bonus on speed or defense value, while all allied non-Jedi only receive half of a bonus each. Here it can make perfect sense to build a powerful Jedi task force made up of tanks, healers and damage dealers. Particularly iconic characters also have particularly unique special abilities. And that Han Solo always shoots first, the development team at Capital Games does not go ahead either. The activation of new characters happens in two different ways: either you are lucky and get hold of a complete character from one of the data packs or you collect individual splinters and put them together until the splinter bar of the respective character is filled. Depending on the character, this can take a long time. I had quickly collected supporting characters such as the bounty hunter Dengar as part of the review, other characters, such as the lightsaber-throwing AoE expert Darth Vader, are a bit tedious to unlock by completing successes. Still other figures, like the green Jedi master Yoda, can only be obtained through event encounters, which is, however, bound to certain squad requirements. And because it is not enough to simply collect figures, these can also be increased in level, improved in terms of their star rating and of course also equipped and recently adapted with modifications. It takes months to create an epic war troop that can survive the toughest raid level - but everything is available free of charge. Those who are impatient and / or have the financial means invest real money and simply accelerate their personal progress. The complex character system motivates and is entertaining: fight for an item here, gain a skill there and then test the whole thing in the PvP arena shortly before going to bed.

You have a lot to do, young padawan

However, it takes a lot of time before you can draw on the full when it comes to the formation of troops - especially if you are Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes wants to enjoy as a pure Free2Play game and also renounces the use of real money. While it is possible to make in-app purchases, it is not necessary. All game content can also be unlocked completely free of charge, provided you have the patience and perseverance to hold out into the so-called late game. Then this Star Wars game app will be really exciting. As the player level rises, you gradually unlock new content such as the Cantina Fights, the Galactic Wars or the Events. Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes offers a lot of content to motivate in the long term. The development team recently proved that Capital Games is keen to create new content.

Visually and acoustically is Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes A real treat, by the way. Not only are the characters superbly designed, but also their combat maneuvers. Backgrounds and sound effects are at a similarly high level. Anyone who fights sand people in the Tatooine desert or competes against young Luke in the carbonite facility will feel the very special atmosphere of good Star Wars games. Even if the fights are rather monotonous at first, it is animated Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes to continue playing. I had a lot of fun while reviewing the game app and I will stay true to the game in the future. Not only as a Star Wars fan, but also as a role player and tactician. 


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Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes at SWCE 2016 in London

At the Star Wars Celebration Europe in London, some news about the game app was revealed as part of the EA panel Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes presents. Including the information that characters from the blockbuster Rogue One - A Star Wars Story implemented. In addition, a new raid boss will find its way into the game app, which can be challenged as part of multiplayer raid battles. 

Images for the Galaxy of Heroes app


Number of players: 1 (online)
Age: from 12 years
Playing time: 60+ hours
Difficulty: medium to difficult
Long-term motivation: high

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Capital Games
Year of publication: 2015 
Language: German
Cost: Free-2-play with in-app purchases


Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes slowly introduces new players to the content and rules. This works so well that after a short time an addiction spiral becomes noticeable. Again and again, new content drives further battles and collecting the figures is a lot of fun, even if it can be quite tedious at times. Overall, Capital Games did a great job and developed an entertaining game app not just for Star Wars fans. As usual with Free2Play Games, however, as a player you have to be patient if you want to forego real money. That the character development is slower is noticeable, but never frustrating. In any case, the improvement of the guild life through the exchange created another possibility for F2P players to easily get items. However, it takes a lot of time until you knock the rancor out of the mountain at the highest level or unlock Master Yoda.

This title is a must for Star Wars. RPG fans should definitely keep an eye on it and at least give everyone else a taste. Heard for me Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes to the best game apps right now.