Again one of these days. You want to play something, but the others have neither the time nor the inclination to do so. But instead of spending the day bored, you look for a single player game and you find it: rush hour. A puzzle game with guaranteed fun factor and at the end of the day, you hardly missed your fellow players. Can't you imagine that? Then see for yourself in our game test for Roush Hour - The ingenious traffic jam from the Think Fun series by HCM Kinzel and game author Nob Yoshigahara.

The structure of the game at a glance

The logic game Rush Hour contains a game frame that simulates a framed road surface and several cars and trucks in different colors, as well as playing cards on which brain teasers in different degrees of difficulty, from easy to professional, are printed. The playing cards can be stored in a practical drawer in the game frame. Which seems incredibly practical to us for transporting games.

Our game test is about the Rush Hour Version for single players from the age of eight, it is also available in a deluxe version, which comes up with vehicles in metallic paintwork, as well as a safari version and a brain fitness version for adults with a futuristic design. Team players come with the two-player edition Rush hour shift not too short and younger puzzle heroes can look forward to the junior version. At this point collectors are still the Rush Hour Ultimate Collectors Edition recommended. So you see, with the logic game Rush Hour everyone was thought of. If, after playing for a while, the puzzles become too easy for you, you can add three different card sets, each including a new car, to your game.

The course of the game - nerve-wracking puzzle game

The rules are quickly explained. You look for a task card from the deck of cards with the corresponding level of difficulty and place it in the appropriate notch in the game frame. Your playing card gives you your brain teaser, which is printed as a game setup plan on the upper area of ​​the card. All you have to do is put the cars and trucks on the playing field and you're ready to go.

Certainly the experienced player itches under the fingers to take on a professional task, but we advise against this for the time being after several desperate attempts at the game. It is easier to start with a medium level of difficulty, or even with an easy one, and then continue to improve. One thing quickly becomes clear while playing, the child-like structure of the game is deceptive, Rush Hour is a tricky logic labyrinth and should not be underestimated. 

The gameplay after setup is simple. You have to change the position of the cars and trucks by moving them vertically or horizontally until you can leave the exit of the game frame with your red car. The vehicles must not be raised. If you park yourself too much, you have to start the game from the beginning. But the first impression of simplicity is deceptive, because the thinking game really has it all. Soon you will look desperately at your vehicles and will not know what to do next until you come up with the ingenious idea that frees your car from the tricky traffic jam.

The duration of the game ranges from approx. 10 minutes to the saturation limit of the player and can be influenced, it can also be interrupted without any problems, which is perfect for days with little time but great pleasure in the game.


Number of players: 1 players
Age: from 8 years
Playing time: 10+ minutes
Difficulty: easy to difficult
Long-term motivation: low

Published by HCM Kinzel  
Year of publication: 2004 
Authors: Nob Yoshigahara
Language: German
Cost: 25 Euro


In the puzzle game Rush Hour - The ingenious traffic jam game from the Think Fun series by HCM Kinzel and game author Nob Yoshigahara, the name says it all. Just awesome! Even after a very short preparation time, it is a nerve-wracking and fun pastime for individual players, which hardly needs any explanation and can be enjoyed for playful relaxation even on days with very little time. The compact game fits in every handbag and is therefore ideal for on the go. We are excited and will Rush Hour still play often.

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HCM Kinzel 11118 - rush hour HCM Kinzel 11118 - Rush Hour * 30,13 EUR


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