It should be the dream of every Star Wars fan. Control the armies of the empire or the rebels and gain control of the galaxy or build a functioning republic. Die-hard people take to the sides of the Hutts or bounty hunters and do mischief in the criminal underground. With the strategy board game Risk Star War, children's dreams - and those of many adults - come true: you have the fate of the galaxy in your hands.
May the Force be with you as you read the Star Wars Risk Trilogy review. 

Risk Star Wars - Well-known backstory

Even non-fans should at least partially guess the main features of the story. George Lucas relies on classic story elements and lets good versus bad compete. The fight between David and Goliath is relocated to a fictional universe and LucasArts really let it rip from the start. Anger, hate, love, hope, joy, suffering and friendship are the basic ingredients of the story, which the ace director George Lucas skilfully mixes together to create a breathtaking kettle of color. Star Wars Risk - The Trilogy starts exactly in this prevailing civil war and lets the players decide which faction will end the war victoriously. 

The basic idea is based on the classic risk, but presents itself as a sci-fantasy board game with the typical Star Wars elements. The game board is divided into different sectors that have to be conquered. The galaxy comprises 42 planets, most of which are known to fans. The classics Tatooine, Dagobah, Coruscant or Alderaan (yes, the planet can last a little longer in the board game) are of course part of the game. The players move their units with strategic skill across the board and try to defeat the opponent in a targeted manner or to skillfully outmaneuver them. The real highlight of Risk Star Wars - the trilogy are the 4 additional game variants that provide a lot of variety and are real long-term motivators. Rebel players must destroy the emperor who is hiding in an imperial home base. The empire, on the other hand, has to wipe out the rebel armies completely, while the Hutts have to take raw material deposits. And there are two copies of the legendary Death Star in the package.

The game material: high recognition value

Who visites Consoles Risk loves less than the board game variant, of course requires the full equipment of the board game and it is very successful. Even when unpacking the corners of the mouth twitch clearly upwards and clearly signal pure anticipation for the start of the game. The processing of all game materials is great. In particular, the detailed units inspire board players and Star Wars fans alike. All models are clearly recognizable. This applies to the rancor as well as to an assault troop soldier or AT-ST. The game board shines in strong colors, which skilfully support the sci-fantasy atmosphere. The cards are based on the quality of comparable risk games, but come up with a beautiful design and especially shine with the great original photos from the film scenes. Thumbs up for this impressive overall package.

If it says Star Wars, there is also Star Wars inside. The dusty risk is strongly upgraded atmospherically.

Anyone who likes Star Wars and likes to play risk will love this board game. Risk Star Wars - the trilogy lures the players with its great optics and then convinces with ingenious entertainment. Tactical moves demand beginners and professionals and force forward thinking without a victory only possible with an unbalanced player setup. Real highlights are also the game variants, which provide an even deeper insight into the history of the Star Wars universe. Meanwhile, simple risk strategists stick with the standard game variant, which is then played exactly like the classic risk - only with a slightly different look. Risk Star Wars - The Trilogy offers around two hours of fun and is therefore a board game that is not suitable for in between. In the test too Risk Star Wars - The Trilogy there is nothing to complain about in terms of play. Entertainment at the highest level is guaranteed.


Number of players: 2 to 5 players
Age: from 10 years
Playing time: 30 to 40 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Long-term motivation: medium

Publisher: Winning Moves  
Year of publication: 2013 
Language: German
Cost: 80 Euro


A fair review can never be a total pissing off of a game. And also for Kompass - Das Wirtschaftsspiel has the right target group. Primarily casual gamers, families or groups of friends will feel entertained with the offered concept. The shallow trading game ripples smoothly, but sometimes tends to entice players to create a "chaos of notes". As appropriate as the idea of ​​the “depot block” may be in a business game, the list of purchases and sales in the course of a game can become confusing. That is sometimes frustrating, because as a player you lose your focus in moments like this.

Andre Volkman