An unbeatable advantage of porting well-known board games as an app for the smartphone or tablet is the tremendous portability. There is no easier way to take popular board game titles or card games with you, and it can hardly be set up any faster. Apps are therefore rightly one of the trendy representatives of the modern world of parlor games. We have the card game app too Ligretto and show you in the following review whether the addicting gameplay of the real card game also works with the app. 

Board game app review: Ligretto - Draw a card

Ligretto is one of the absolute classics among card games. The Schnell game was originally published by Rosengarten Spiele under the name “Legretto”. In 2000 Schmidt Spiele took over sales. Much older, however, is the basic game idea, the Ligretto underlying. As early as the beginning of the 19th century, the card game “Der raging Teufel” laid the foundation for the reaction game. Another possible ancestor is the educational game “Dutch Blitz” from 1959, which was supposed to encourage children to understand numbers and colors. If you look at the modern implementation of Ligretto it is immediately noticeable that a quick grasp and good hand-eye coordination are the keys to success in a game of hectic card game. Ligretto So the original is not a game for cozy characters and the app is also pretty chaotic. To test the app, we used the latest smartphone from LG: the LG G5 with a 5,3 inch display and Android version 6.0.1. The installation goes quickly, the start of the app was always smooth. Regarding the power consumption is Ligretto very frugal, which saves the battery. However, this is not particularly surprising, after all, it is Ligretto App a card game concept and not a graphically enhanced smartphone shooter; So you shouldn't expect graphic highlights. Nevertheless, the design is quite appealing and adheres closely to the template. The start menu is nicely implemented: the individual menu items are selected by pulling up the corresponding map. Depending on your knowledge of the game, you can either start playing immediately or you can slowly approach the Ligretto app approach by playing the tutorial. The explained introduction is one of the conveniences of modern board game apps and is an advantage that should not be underestimated, especially for beginners.

Player who Ligretto already know and / or love, start immediately with a game against the computer opponent, in the local network via WLAN with up to 6 players or compete with other card players via the online function, for which you have a game account with the Board game world needed. Your results are also recorded in a clear list of the best. If you have no other players available and use the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, it quickly becomes apparent that the computer opponent is not so easy to outsmart when it comes to responsiveness. So it takes a certain amount of time until you get your first victories - and that creates a lot of motivation. Experts adapt the AI ​​to their own abilities at different levels of difficulty. 

The Ligretto app showed their addictive potential in our review.

Playing with the shadow hands

The virtual gaming table, in which the minimalistic graphic style benefits the game mechanics, is superbly implemented. Nothing distracts from the actual course of the game: the cards are always the focus of attention. The “shadowy hands”, which hold the cards in hand and are also playful when it comes to sifting through the cards in hand for values ​​that can be interpreted, create a gaming table atmosphere. Drawing the cards worked flawlessly and smoothly for us. 

Basically the presents itself Ligretto app as a 1: 1 implementation of the rules. Each player starts with 40 cards, 10 each of the four colors red, blue, green and yellow. The shuffled playing cards are placed in a pile on the table. Three cards are then face up, and you use a fourth space for the cards in hand. The aim is to clear the deck of cards and gain the maximum possible number of points. The cards are laid out according to the respective color and in ascending order. A practical display under the deck of cards informs you about the remaining number. Wonderful advantage of the Ligretto app: The computer takes over the counting of the points as well as the minus points. 

The catchy game principle is quickly understood, so that the first smooth games can be played promptly. However, it takes many hours of fun until one has achieved the status of a real Ligretto professional. We would have been the game rounds as part of our review of the Ligretto app Princely entertained and always challenged. Ligretto is ideally suited to improve your own comprehension, concentration and coordination skills in a playful way. And if you like to play on your smartphone or tablet anyway, you shouldn't miss the game for a fair 2 euro real money stake.

Images for the Ligretto app


Number of players: Up to 4 on one device; up to 6 in the WLAN
Age: from 10 years
Playing time: 10 to 15 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Long-term motivation: medium

Published by Brettspielwelt GmbH
Year of publication: 2016 
Language: German
Cost: 2 Euro


The mood of the original was at the Ligretto app captured wonderfully. The app is at least as hectic, if not more hectic, than the real Ligretto card game. The clever computer opponent really gets the game going. Thanks to the short game rounds, defeats are never frustrating and as a player you are always motivated to end the next game with a better result. The network mode and the online function are also successful. There is hardly any criticism on the technical side. Only the somewhat small playing cards could initially cause problems, especially on older smartphones. After a certain acclimatization phase, however, the card values ​​can be recognized intuitively and, above all, quickly. If you are in the mood for a demanding and fast card game on the go, then the Ligretto app