The successful cooperative board game Arkham Horror was yesterday, new is Eldritch Horror, which is inspired by the successful game concept of its related board neighbor. The following article presents the new board game Eldritch Horror in detail in a review

The great old man is dead, long live the great old man

The atmosphere exudes a doom and gloom, the world is facing the abyss and humanity is about to be destroyed. As far as everything is known: danger recognized, danger averted! But board players who are so experienced have made the calculation without the mighty "old men", who unleash hosts of monsters and insane cult followers on humanity. Not an easy task for a handful of brave heroes who set out to find the Secret of Eldritch Horror and have to face numerous adventures and defeat monsters on their way. First things first: Eldritch horror is a cooperative board game and relies on a sophisticated strategic approach by the gaming community. Competitive pressure and going it alone are undesirable here, because a game can only be brought to a successful conclusion together. I like cooperative games because they strengthen the cohesion of the group and regularly generate tactical discussions that make the gaming experience much more interactive.

Up to 8 players explore the world of together Eldritch horror. The main elements are traveling, solving puzzles and collecting clues. What doesn't sound very exciting at first turns out to be extremely entertaining in practice, because every game game is different - depending on the central villain in the form of a “old man” who has to be defeated.

In the role of investigator, players collect knowledge through the use of numerous research and knowledge cards. In the course of the game, as a group, they reveal the secret of the mystical creatures and successfully protect humanity from annihilation. But watch out, not every game has a happy ending. The level of difficulty is just as variable as the course of the game, what Eldritch horror makes it a particularly entertaining group game.



Number of players: 1 to 8 players
Age: from 14 years
Playing time: 120 to 240 minutes
Difficulty: medium to high
Long-term motivation: high

Publisher: Asmodee
Author: Corey Konieczka, Nikki Valens
Year of publication: 2013 
Language: German
Cost: 50 Euro


A great group game that combines adventurous game elements and a good background story with an exciting gameplay. When it comes to the beginner-friendliness, some compromises have to be made, because the game is aimed at more experienced board players who do not have a longer preparation time in the way. Due to the varied game games, Eldritch Horror is a great game for many entertaining board game evenings.

Andre Volkman